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I don't know where this activity box goes too or how people see it but I'm going to write something in it anyway for fun. I just bought Snowy Escape, Movie night, and Jungle adventure there all on sale right now. I've heard some people hate on snowy escape, but I like the Japanese influenced lifestyle and way of life. I haven't played the expansion yet but I'm a bit psyched to do so, well kind of. Out of all the worlds I have which is about 6, I would say Windenburg is the best, It has many lots, it has many bars, nightclubs, cafes and a pool. It needs a rental house; I might add one if i can. It also generally looks good and had good cas items and build items if I remember correctly. i almost lost all my saves last night luckily Xbox support contacted me after hours and got me fixed up and got the saves back. Check out my gallery stuff by searching for thehiddenreturns, if that doesn't work, try these.... Wade, Liberty Wade, Wade Family, of them should get you


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