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I really wish Sims 3 had this feature....

This is more of a "want" than anything.

I really wish there was a camera fade option for walls if you want to play with the walls fully up.

Kind of like how the trees and hanging light fixtures "fade" away as soon as you zoom up close to them.
I tried playing with the walls fully up but get fustrated because when I zoom out, the outer wall is fully blocking my view from playing.

This is the reason I never bother to hang pictures up on inner walls, because I figure, "Whats the point?", I never see them anyway.

Do you guys like the look of playing with the walls up, but get fustrated? I just think it looks so much more realistic and gives the room more ambience in whatever decor theme you were trying to achieve.

What do you guys think and do you think it would be a nice feature for future Sims games?


  • ponchieooponchieoo Posts: 1,417 Member
    edited May 2011
    just when i try to take pictures and want all the walls up except 1, Other than that i just put it down in gameplay
  • HatboxHatbox Posts: 1,755 Member
    edited May 2011
    I think it would be a wonderful feature, I sometimes play with the walls down, but I would prefer playing with them up.
  • marieblue17marieblue17 Posts: 6,142 Member
    edited May 2011
    Ah, I would love that. I do like the walls up to see some of my decorating skills.
  • horsesrock2009horsesrock2009 Posts: 855 New Member
    edited May 2011
    I usually play with the walls set on cutaway, I used to play with all the walls down, but then it felt like my sims had no privacy, so I play with them cutaway, because that is less annoying than leaving them up all the time.

    I do decorate the walls, because it'd seem weird to have a house with nothing at all on the walls.
  • SIMplifiedSIMplified Posts: 4,536 Member
    edited May 2011
    We have the cut away option. The closer you get to a wall, the more it goes away.
  • DreamerJadeDreamerJade Posts: 25 New Member
    edited May 2011
    SIMplified wrote:
    We have the cut away option. The closer you get to a wall, the more it goes away.

    Oh, I realize the cut-away option as that is the option I normally play with.

    But I want walls that stay up but gradually fade away the closer you get to the wall. I know that means not being able to see all sims in the house at one time, but as you zoom around the house with the camera, they eventually become visible.

    I hope people understand what I mean. I hate being able to see the chimneys of fireplaces "concealed" in walls built around it and other ugly nuisances.

    Builders do such a wonderful job and take great detail in constructing the layouts of houses and rooms.

    I want to be able to enjoy that and feel like I'm actually "in" the house.

    Thanks for all the responses. Maybe the game developers will see this. And if you don't like the feature you could always not use it. :-)
    It wouldn't hurt to have one more wall playing option.
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