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My problems with The Sims 3

Well for starts, I had one of my Sims get pregnant, and she did not look like she was pregnant at all, she walked with her back leaned back, and complained about she needed a back rub from her husband, but I could not find that interaction for him to give her a back rub , so I had to spend 250 samoleons for her to get at back rub, also I do not like how the time just go soooooooooo slow when it is on top speed, and it seem like it take them forever to sleep and build up a skill point, why is it that when I tell them to drive the car to a another lot they run in the front of the house and the car meet them there, whatever happened to The Sims walking to the car and getting in it and driving away .....I do truly hope these are just some glitches, if not I have to say I am not very happy with the game , has anyone else had these problems ?


  • Cathy20086Cathy20086 Posts: 8
    edited June 2009
    I am not happy with the game either. it sucks I like sims 2 much better
  • GalerieVineGalerieVine Posts: 190
    edited June 2009
    i agree w/ u...i thought it was suppose to be an upgrade
    but then again it is their first time makin a game like
    this nd hopefully the patches will fix da problems.

    also the expansion packs tht shuld be comin out hopefully
    it has more thingz nd better facial features, traits, ummm
    FURNITURE!!! lol yea i mention furniture alot cuz thts wat
    i like to do is hook up my house.

    speakin of houses we need FREAKIN EMPTY GOD **** LOTS!! cuz sum
    YARD OR A HUGE HOUSE!! cuz in the real werld sum houses dnt hve
    tht much property!! SHAME ON U TS3 DEVELOPERS!! SHAME ON U!!! :wink::lol:
  • jessstewart88jessstewart88 Posts: 376
    edited June 2009
    Ive had all the same problems...
    Pregnancy - at least there is more to it than getting knocked up and spinning and having a kid appear... for my maxis couple I chose who had a baby the back rub interaction never appeared but for my cas couple it is available. Seems like a glitch.... or maybe the relationships werent high enough?!

    Speed - I have no positives.

    Car - I agree with you, my hubby thinks its neat...he says it reminds him of Men In Black 2 and it saves his sim time. :) I guess it depends on the player for that one -- maybe they could allow an option for it in game play section :)

  • shortiej27shortiej27 Posts: 4
    edited June 2009
    the massage option is under the romance tab, your relationship has to be up for it to appear though
  • ChaoticCowChaoticCow Posts: 147
    edited June 2009
    The game is great. Just still has a few rough edges.
  • BizzairBizzair Posts: 12
    edited June 2009
    O no you were pregneant and there was no back rub choice, and god forbid he doesnt walk to the car! What game breaking or-deals, Im just going to have to return the game now. :roll:
  • norusdognorusdog Posts: 77
    edited June 2009
    ^don't be an ***. The fact is in Sims 2 the sims walk to the car...turn off the alarm if you have one..get it..start it..back up and go.

    in sims 3 they just walk to the street and even if you have a car in the driveway it just POOF appears in front of the sim.

    Sims 3 has taken too many steps back for the few forward ones. And these changes dont' make sense....I'd of expected Sims 2 to have had the magic poofing car appearing in front of you with Sims 3 having the sims walk to it etc..instead it's reversed.

    But every forum has to have "that guy."

    so hello..guy.
  • GodBeastXGodBeastX Posts: 20 New Member
    edited June 2009
    Sims 2 had more bugs in it when it came out than Sims 3 has. Everyone going "I am unhappy about bugs" probably bought sims 2 after they had 20 patches into the game already. I remember having to go in buy mode and pick up homework and drop it again so kids could do it, or when objects would be sold sims couldn't walk in the parts of the house the objects used to be.

    I'm sure alot of things will be corrected in the first patch.

    As for the get in car instantly, I love this WAYYYYYY more. In a game where time matters a great deal, wasting time on little things can add up. Does it really take a person 10 minutes to get in a car once they're outside and drive away?
  • debbiec6231debbiec6231 Posts: 14
    edited June 2009
    OK I am a big Sims fan but I think they could of done better. The graphics sucks compared to The Sims 2!! Its like one step forward(free play) and 10 steps back! I love that you can go to other peoples houses and walk around town but why cant you go inside the restraunts? Graphics are not good! The water looks cool but the people dont look half as good as The Sims 2! And they dont have memories anymore? And no matchmaker! But I thought it was cute that Bella and Mortimer are kids in this game. That means they can grow up and fall in love. lol Well thats about all I got for playing it 2 days straight! LMAO
  • shaggyshinypantsshaggyshinypants Posts: 16
    edited June 2009
    there are some rough edges,nothing i can look past im a little upset about the backrub thing but hey what to expect its a new game. I am so ready for a patch though!!
  • ericschumann85ericschumann85 Posts: 105 Member
    edited June 2009
    what i gather from this is what i felt as well. an expectation that sim3 would be sims 2 + open gameplay.

    this is obviously not that. So with that said, the game has potential right?

    it does feel a bit like a reboot of the series doesn't it?
  • htairchix3htairchix3 Posts: 875 Member
    edited June 2009
    The graphics are not as good as in the sims2... Also you can only play one family, for the whole game. If you want to go to play another family, you have to start a brand new game! This sucks.. If you have kids that grow up and move out, you can no longer play them in your current game, you have to start a "new" game just to play them.. The cars look "cool"...
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