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Help me with uploading please?!!??

With Sims 3 I want to become involved with building houses/lots and making my creatiions available for other players to download from the Sims 3 website, but I don't know how to do it. How do I go about first finding a house I have created on my computer and then uploading it properly to my user page? Help me understand this please?!?? I've never done it with the previous versions, so I'ma complete n00b! Anyone?


  • LightSideLightSide Posts: 1,264
    edited June 2009
    Hey Janina.

    How are you?
    Fine I hope.

    I am glad to know that you are interested in the building area.
    So, you want to upload a lot.

    Simply, after you create your lot.
    Go to the neighbor hood view, find your lot.

    Then click on it once, and you will see a share icon.
    Press on it, and it will get it added/uploaded to the launcher.

    Escape your game, and open the launcher, then open the uploaded files folder (I don't remember that part name) then you will find your lot over there, you will have two options, either delete it or Share/upload it.
    (Don't forget to be logged in to the site before uploading)

    Click upload/share, and let it upload, and wait for sometime till it shows up on your page studio.

    Hope this helps, if I missed something, hopefully some one who has the game would correct what I said.

    ~Luv LiGhT~

    (Regarding the launcher: I think there is an icon in the game which automatically brings you to the launcher, but don't know where it is, I haven't got the game yet)
  • JaninaJanina Posts: 9
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    Thank you so so sooo much!! I've been searching everywhere this morning for that answer! Can I upload more than one lot to the launcher before exiting to it? Or is it a one lot at a time type of thing?
    Again, thank you!!
  • judhudsonjudhudson Posts: 336 New Member
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    You can upload as much content as you want in the game. You don't necessarily have to escape (exit the game either). Click the three little dots in the bottom of your screen "..." and select "Open Launcher". The game will minimize and you can upload your content and go back to playing. :)
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