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Today is Trans Day of Visibility 2022!

ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 2,221 Member
To all the valid trans folks, friends, family, and allies, just wanted to do my bit to support you on Trans Day of Visibility today, March 31, 2022.

Not everyone can be visible safely, but in places where they can, it is important to show solidarity and represent, educate, and be heard and seen.
The gay community owes a lot to forerunners Marsha P. Johnson (she/her) and Silvia Rivera, for risking everything in leading the fight for the rights that some people now take for granted.

In honor of the trans people out there, of all ages and walks of life, including a friend of mine in real life who is a lovely trans lady and accomplished US Veteran: you can count on me and the many like me who understand that you're real, you're valid, you're valuable, you're valued.

You can call me Iggy or Rex (he/him) 10 ways to Fight Hate


  • Tequila_Rose_13191Tequila_Rose_13191 Posts: 119 Member
    TY! This is very appreciated.
  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 2,221 Member
    edited March 31
    And for some morale boost in these difficult times, a few bright spots of hope and a way to make a difference:

    Top 10 Celebrity Allies 2022

    For those looking for a way to support trans people, Ariana Grande just pledged to match donations to $1.5 million here!

    And for those who might wish to donate to the faith-based efforts of a church in Texas and the ordained ministers who join with them in support of trans youth through their faith, here is an opportunity to support them as well!
    You can call me Iggy or Rex (he/him) 10 ways to Fight Hate
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 4,969 Member
    Thank you so much Iggy!
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