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What The Sims 3 Does Better- Carl's Guide



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    SuzyCue72SuzyCue72 Posts: 526 Member
    amp107 wrote: »
    I agree with a lot that he's saying, however a counter point - he mentions right away at the beginning of the video that a common complaint of TS3 was that it was slow. This wasn't just a complaint for me (and I'm sure others had the same problem), it was a deal breaker. During the era of sims 3, I was playing on a Lenovo laptop. It was an incredibly fast starting laptop and it couldn't open TS3 CAS without crashing. This meant that after many painstaking and frustrating days I finally managed to pop one family out of CAS only to be doomed to play only that save forever without ever being able to edit the family again because I couldn't deal with the game crashing and not saving every time I tried.

    Beyond the performance issues, I fell in love with a rotational play style in TS2 and not being able to do that in TS3 took a lot of fun out of the actual gameplay for me.

    @amp107 Do you still have access to this Lenovo laptop? If so I'd be very interested to see a DxDiag report on it, in order to look for possible reasons and explanations as to why it had such problems with running TS3.

    I've seen people saying this several times on these forums, but still don't understand what they mean exactly since I've been playing rotationally from day one. Could you please explain further why you weren't able to do it?
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