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Let's watch: The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Livestream (May 21st, 11AM PT)



  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,249 Member
    I cannot wait until it comes out, at first I was grossed out seeing the little grubs, but heck my sims have eaten bugs roasted over the campfire so they can do this! Would be interesting to make a squeamish sim and see how hard it is to accomplish all these things. I really cannot wait to finally make my hippie sim that can live fully off grid, have a massive garden to grow everything they need from flowers to ingredients, collect and keep all that i can (since I think it was mentioned eggs can be used to make dye?) maybe make her a witch this time and she just keeps using her potion to stay young. Learning to live off the land, getting eco-friendly and try to make it a witchy home could be a challenge thats a fun build to make. I am really excited for this and can't wait! There were so many things mentioned I know I am forgetting some of the other things that made me pre-order it right after the original trailer, and then after seeing LiveStream I do not regret it. Hope the days go by so fast!!!! Thank you Sim Guru's you are awesome and this was definitely a surprise but a welcome one!
  • honeypooh1267honeypooh1267 Posts: 1,176 Member
    edited May 2020
    i can't wait for this new pack but there is a few things i would like to know, we know about the two degrees that goes with civil designer career but what degree goes with what side, and we don't even know the top pay for level 10 or what some of the rewards that comes with this career, there's not much we know about it, we may have to just wait until we get the pack to know something,
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  • simrhinosimrhino Posts: 14 New Member
    > @NoirStasis said:
    > (Quote)
    > * Edit: there is also the possibility of Sims finding perfectly good quality food in the dumpster, it just happened to be spoiled in the livestream, doesn't mean that all food they find will be spoiled.

    If it isn't always spoiled, that's not so bad. To the other points, I do expect goofiness from the game, and I recognize its sandbox nature. As I noted, these are impressions based on the livestream. It will probably take a bit of time with the pack to form a solid opinion.
  • bandcampsquirrelbandcampsquirrel Posts: 2,184 Member
    Does anyone know if the firemen are NPC or a career?
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 442 Member
    Does anyone know if the firemen are NPC or a career?

    The gurus answered this. They are NPCs as in The Sims 2. However, they didn't rule out the idea of an active firefighting career in the future. I personally hope they bring it back, as it was one of my favourite active careers in TS3.
  • bandcampsquirrelbandcampsquirrel Posts: 2,184 Member
    Does anyone know if the firemen are NPC or a career?

    The gurus answered this. They are NPCs as in The Sims 2. However, they didn't rule out the idea of an active firefighting career in the future. I personally hope they bring it back, as it was one of my favourite active careers in TS3.

    Thanks for answering me, it gets confusing trying to find answers from so many different sources, lol. Also, firefighting career was my favorite too :smiley:
  • Mgg_91Mgg_91 Posts: 3 New Member
    There are 13 total lots
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 11,086 Member
    Even though there is 13 lots still have to be selective in what one lays down and for me it will always be an minus and not an plus as you can't change the neighborhood dimension and no matter what I lay down it is same old, same ole.
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  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 5,115 Member
    Mgg_91 wrote: »
    There are 13 total lots

    There are 15 total lots. 4 are just apartment lots...

  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 596 Member
    edited May 2020
    I just finished watching the livestream today. Just want to thank @SimGuruGeorge and all the Gurus that were on the livestream. Personally, I liked the style of this livestream and hope they do future ones this way. Having one person facecam--definite plus--and all the Guru's chiming in was awesome and very informative. Well done all involved. I'm even more excited to start my Eco journey. Happy Simming!
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  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 596 Member
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    delete double entry.
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  • susannesimssusannesims Posts: 40 Member
    > @simrhino said:
    > The Food I Eat Isn’t Spoiled: A Freegan’s Thoughts on Misrepresentation, Greenwash, and Absurdity in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

    As an environmental activist I feel I do have the authority to comment on some of your opinions...
    > • Freegan sims are depicted as eating spoiled food, food that other sims, besides slob sims, would get ill from (nausea/vomiting.) I really hope that at least this is reconsidered and patched out as soon as possible, even before release, as it’s insulting and thoroughly inaccurate. Specifically in the footage we were shown, the food in question was crackers, crunchy, dry crackers emitting a green cloud.

    Im happy they did this as the trait wouldnt be as useful if they didnt. I would love if sims automatically used the items that were about to spoil in the fridge or could do something to make the food last longer, but honestly that would add wayyy too much work for not much additional gameplay. I love how theyre finally promoting being eco-friendly.

    > • The host, SimGuruGeorge, and the gameplay shown suggested that increased energy production might justify environmental destruction. [...] In 2020, to suggest that business as usual is at all a viable approach to address climate change is not just an absurd but a damaging message. [...] I can probably avoid most of the “green” capitalism propaganda if I steer clear of the civil designer career [...]

    I honestly cant see how you took that message from this livestream? It's just so absurd. I actually think the simgurus did a great job with representing this. They added eco-friendly traits, but no anti-eco traits because thats realistic. Its normal people who add up to the pollution. Its normal people who choose profit over the environment. Very few people actively want to destroy nature, they do it for profit, or dont care enough to oppose the capitalistic system we have. They're actually really progressive with how they're showing this, that capitalism and profit (shown with adding rejecting consumerism to freegan trait and adding sharing is caring N.A.P) is whats ruining the environment, but also showing that we CAN have green capitalism as well (shown with the green engineer career). I REALLY like how theyre showing that if you dont do anything the environment WILL be bad. Many people seem to think that only evil people want to destroy the environment but its everyday consumers who vote bad politicians and support the wrong companies by buying their products without researching.
    > • Sims recover some very risky items [...] I can’t believe that any freegans were consulted regarding the implementation of the new trait. [...] The overall tone of the pack appears to trivialize the very serious issues around its theme. [...]
    Oh, come on. This is the sims. I agree it'd be nice if you could have food in packages from dumpsters, (though weren't food packages from parenthood?) but this is such a minor detail and wouldn't add much gameplay value if they did. Dumpsterdiving is definitely stigmatized but I do not think EA is intending to shame it. Im glad they're highlighting it. Showing off what you can do to be eco-friendly on their huge sims game platform is actively encouraging people to go green and I'm all here for it.

    > • Lastly, maybe leastly, the word lifestyle in the title seems a poor choice [...]
    But being eco-friendly IS a lifestyle same as being vegetarian or other lifestyle choices. Youre right that sexuality isnt a lifestyle but this pack isnt based on sexuality. Do you think the word 'lifestyle' is offensive?

    > [...] There are plenty of good resources online and upon request I’d be happy to provide some links to where the team might have gotten better information.
    Something Id like to add, I wish they added school strikes to this pack! It would add more things to do for children and add A LOT of gameplay value. I bet they could reuse some things from policial career or debating so it would be easier to code.
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