Should there be a new career in the stuffpack?



  • MmdrgntobldrgnMmdrgntobldrgn Posts: 6,678 Member
    And we can knit and sell - online! He he. Guess Plopsy was announced after April 13th :) Plopsy allows us to sell other crafted stuff, too, like woodwork and paintings.

    Pretty much this, whether you believe it or not there are folks who are able to earn a living by selling through etsy in rl. So the add of plopsy is adding a career opportunity. It's up to the simmer to decide if that will be a career or hobby for their sims.
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  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 7,166 Member
    Absolutely. I like to aim high.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,039 Member
    They could put a knitting career in Nifty Knitting Stuff if they want to.
  • armcd73armcd73 Posts: 6 New Member
    I doubt they’d make a career, but your Sim could open a small retail store to sell their knitted goods in if you don’t want to use Plopsy.
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 416 Member
    Nah, most Careers are not a big thing or challenge anyway. You get some more or less fun descriptions of the single levels, or some new do this/do that on active careers (mostly without much new mechanics). Knitting and Plopsy(?) are a fitting form of self employment, thats enough for me.
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  • VeronicaHerndonVeronicaHerndon Posts: 63 Member
    does anybody know where the community voting boards are in eco lifestyle pack
  • Hallie22Hallie22 Posts: 64 Member
    Maybe as a knitting podcaster. And have extra income from selling knitted items on Plopsy.
  • fmilfmil Posts: 175 Member
    edited June 2020
    They already added a whole new skill, so i dont think they can add a fully fledged career on top of it since it is a stuff pack after all. I assume you can sell this stuff in gtw stores or something, so this is a way to make money by using the things added in this pack.
  • Vines12Vines12 Posts: 100 Member
    I can see them adding to the freelancing career as a knitter or a tailor
  • Itsme_AndreaItsme_Andrea Posts: 2 New Member
    I agree that we should incorporate more careers, especially careers where you can travel with your Sim IMO, however, I think this knitting pack should just stay focused on that. I'm sure people will make their own entrepreneurial careers with this new skill, but let's just focus on this awesome new skill that's about to be bestowed upon us. I'M SO STINKIN' EXCITED!!!
  • robyngravesrobyngraves Posts: 244 Member
    I am always up for more careers; however, I don't think that they would be adding a career in a stuff pack.
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