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Sims Superstar help!

I recently got The Sims Superstar and I was progressing just fine until I needed to select sequences for my sim's acts, songs, and photoshoots. I've tried what I feel like is everything and have no idea what to do. She's trying to get 3.5 stars and jingles don't help her fame anymore. pls help :)

-Nick Mason (Official)


  • Dust_Bunny2010Dust_Bunny2010 Posts: 52 Member
    There’s usually 3 tries in a sequence and the reaction of the NPC should give you cues. In addition, you need to be friends with other famous sims to progress.
  • alex_alex09alex_alex09 Posts: 188 Member
    If you have Makin' Magic expansion pack you can make a spell that will give you 4.5 stars automatically, you need black roses from obsessed fan to make it. ;)
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