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What haven't you done in TS4 yet?



  • ambaraambara Posts: 47 Member
    I've never played with vampires and never had evil sim. I don't really care about either but *maybe* I'll make a vampire one day. Though I understand they are still pretty buggy so that doesn't exactly increase my interest in them. Evil sim is highly unlikely, I've played since TS1 and all my sims have been more or less nice people.
    I have Island Living but besides my sims very quickly visiting a beach once I haven't really played it yet. I don't know if I'll ever make a mermaid... I'm just not into supernaturals in this game but seems like they are pretty normal sims overall? so maybe I'll try one when/if the baby issue is fixed.
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,024 Member
    edited July 2019
    The only thing I can think of is....

    I haven't owned a hamster.....because I'm not buying that garbage pack lol :p
  • CAITLINX354CAITLINX354 Posts: 157 Member
    I've never woohoo'd with Father Winter...I've heard their offspring might have a special trait or something but I've never done it.

    Same thing with the Elementals apparently but I haven't done it yet. I could test it with my SuperSim though-she's done literally everything else
  • TiarellaTiarella Posts: 660 Member
    edited July 2019
    :naughty:BLOW UP THE WORLD! :naughty: Mwahahahaha!

    Once I find a 50%-off sale for IL, I can combine the volcano lot trait with the earthquake lot trait and... :lol:

    I'm j/k! Many of the things I haven't done yet, I haven't done 'cuz it's not my thing. But I still have my first-made sims from my first-made savegames to play, once we get a University pack. Looking forwards to that, assuming it comes some day, while I'm still able to play. :smile:

    @Hyper_Key - another simmer told me that (if you have the Parenthood pack) if you make a sim set the table & then call everyone to the meal, then they usually all sit together at the table. (eta: I would happily credit that simmer, if only I could remember who it was!)
  • simfriend1968simfriend1968 Posts: 442 Member
    edited July 2019
    In my game, I have never
    Had a sim die of old age (they usually die of overexertion or hysteria if they live to be old)
    Had a sim die of mortification
    Had a sim die of anger
    Had a sim die of poison (from JA), or pufferfish nigiri badly cooked or the hamster disease
    Maxed out all skills
    Had a male sim get pregnant from an alien abduction
    Completed either of the branches of the criminal career
    Finished the politician career
    Made videos for upload using the GF equipment
    Done much with the Style Influencer Career
    Tried for a baby with Father Winter
    Tried for a baby at the Lighthouse
    Had a sim in the mixology career learn the rare Snaggle Fluster drink
    Wear the crystal helmet from GF,
    Completed the Omiscan Treasures collection
    Completed the Fishing collection with all the new fish (yet)
    Used Ambrosia to raise the Dead
    Upgraded the robot vacuum
    Had a playable ghost in a household
    Had more than 4 children
    Mooched a lot of money off sims
    Used the weather machine
    Played with Patchy the Scarecrow
    Finished the Conservationist career
    Successfully raised a child with the bad personality traits from Parenthood (much harder than giving children the good traits — I’ve done that successfully a few times).
    Throw a Black&White bash, Weenie roast, Toddler Play Date, Incognito Costume Party or Spooky Party.

    There’s probably more things I haven’t done, but that is all I can think of at the moment.

    Thanks for a great topic!

  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,993 Member
    Drive a car. hehehe
  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,186 Member
    I haven't played any of the careers that came with City Living EP (I actually don't even know the names of them but there were 3).

    I've had my Sims own a restaurant or vet clinic, but I've never reached 5 stars in either. That's definitely a goal for me to do.

    Also the collections. I've completed 9 of them, only because I'm doing the original legacy challenge w/scoring by Pinstar.....but the collections that I have never completed and want to are the Space Prints & Metals. Oh & the feather collection.

    I'll add that I have never played a Sim who had the glutton trait. I've seen the funniest screenshots, so I am looking forward to playing a glutton Sim one day.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 4,518 Member
    Lexx223 wrote: »
    While I'm sitting and waiting for Island Living, I'm spending my time occupying myself with other parts of the game. However, although I have almost all DLC packs, there are still some things that I haven't played through yet. I really want to play through the vet career—I love C&D but I haven't gotten around to that part of the pack yet.

    Do you have any unplayed content or parts of TS4 that you'd like to play through in the future but haven't gotten around to yet? If so, what is it?

    Never owned any kind of business (bakery, store, vet, whathaveyou)

    Lots of careers in general: never been a doctor, florist, photographer, freelance anything, villain, politician, social media, tech guru and probably more.

    Never played around with stuff like Patchy, or the weather machine, or...

    In short lots and lots of things.
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  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 948 Member
    1. Getting more DLC's and Expacs. - not sure if i will go for any more if they aren't steeply discounted enough.
    2. Cowplant and sim death.
    3. Do an actual wedding between sims. - always eloped but seeing that marriage picture thread got me thinking of seeing what it is about.
    4. additional difficulty settings in MCCC: added bills, tougher promotions, reduced pregnancy chances, et al.
    5. Try not to get a sim to fall in love and make sure they die alone.
  • Hyper_KeyHyper_Key Posts: 26 Member
    @Tiarella oh wow i do have parenthood and i do set tables, but it still doesn't work. One (or more) sim(s) will always get up/be finished before everyone else, freeze, bug out or simply "forget" the action
    Had it happen with and without CC/mods so.. i blame the engine.
  • TiarellaTiarella Posts: 660 Member
    I'm sorry it didn't work, @Hyper_Key !
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