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Sims 2 Store Edition requires an installed copy of The Sims2. Please install the Sims 2 before...

pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member
Okay... I know this must have been answered 1000's of times over since EA dropped support for TS2, but I recently decided to return for some nostalgic gameplay.

How do you install TS2 without support from EA? EA recognizes I own the rights to the game because it's available for me to download from Origin, but when I go to install TS2 Store Edition [tried downloading the install file into a D:\folder] it tells me, "This product requires an installed copy of TS2. Please install TS2 before installing this product." What???

If I can get past this hurdle, I'll face another one: I have all the expansion packs and stuff packs... How can I install them when the original CD's required online verification that is no longer supported?


  • pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member
    pjericksim wrote: »
    [tried downloading the install file into a 'D' drive folder]

  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    Forget all that. If you are just looking for all the content then Garden of Shadows site has everything from that edition.
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  • pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member
    @Cinebar: No, I need a complete re-install to begin with.
    I'll worry about expanded content later.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    Then I don't know. We don't get a free copy of TS2 Store Edition. What EA gave away in 2014 was TS2UC. I never uninstalled my base when I installed the TS2UC when I had Origin in my PC but that's a different subject. If it's in the Origin queue for you to download (TS2UC) then it should let you install it. I guess you will have to speak to someone at Origin site or one of their people who help you install using Orgin.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,566 Member
    The Sims 2 Store addition is when the Store came out and you had to add the store to your game. It's not a game on it's own, is it? I remember it being a way for them to install the Store items.

    You shouldn't need online verification with the disks. What message are you getting from trying to install the disks? :(
    It will offer a chance to register them but you don't have to register the games; choose No.
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