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I wish they had...

CazzyBatCazzyBat Posts: 21 Member
What do you wish The Sims 4 had?

Pet rabbits
Egyptian, Medieval, viking (Time Travel pack?) Especially for all the GoT fans!
A hamster ball!
Koi pond
Ability to work on a farm
Conservation work?
Pet groomers
Even more collections (comics?)


  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 2,832 Member
    Baby wearing
    Time travel
  • ShanabananasShanabananas Posts: 35 Member
    I think different dance styles would be cool. I'd also like it if one of my sims could become a rapper rather than just sing or play instruments. Lastly, assuming we get University, I think it would be cool if our kids could elect to be homeschooled or cyberschooled. I feel like they could make a whole education pack out of it.
  • BabycakelingsBabycakelings Posts: 84 Member
    I wish it had:

    Proper babies that could have skills like the toddlers did to learn to crowle and eat proper food and play, there are so many things they could do with babies that I wish they did.

    Preteens, in the past games they weren't really needed since past teens felt like they could also be preteens but these teens feel older so I think preteens would be a good addition to the game.

    More irl family stuff would be good but I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
  • jacknchloejacknchloe Posts: 220 Member
    Can’t you put koi fish in the new pond that came with Get Famous?
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 1,249 Member
    I think different dance styles would be cool. I'd also like it if one of my sims could become a rapper rather than just sing or play instruments. Lastly, assuming we get University, I think it would be cool if our kids could elect to be homeschooled or cyberschooled. I feel like they could make a whole education pack out of it.

    Agreed, I wish they had a smustle dance and everyone can join in and dancing together instead of dancing in by themselves, it would be funny.
  • kokoro80kokoro80 Posts: 572 Member
    edited January 2019
    1. University
    2. Upgraded babies that are not tied to cribs, can be taken on outings off the lot, game-play objects such as a changing table, baby bath, bouncer, stroller and that we can change their outfit
    3. Tropical world with usable beach where sims can swim, sunbathe (on a towel or in a lounge chair) and potentially get sunburn, build sand castles, play beach volley ball etc. Hoping to get this in a pack with hotels that can be rented or owned, swim up bars and rabbit hole tours that roll a chance card to give your sims a positive or negative experience.
    4. Slow dancing and a romance/attraction system, online dating, shower woohoo
    5. Cars that work like in Sims 2, mechanic skill so sims can fix up old cars and sell them or work as a mechanic in a rabbit hole job
    6. More jobs in general especially realistic ones like lawyers, teachers etc.
  • Wallsisms4everWallsisms4ever Posts: 575 Member
    -More traits
    -More travelling destinations
    -Generations pack, adding strollers, changing tables, canes, more activities for elders and for teens, like proms and pranks, tree houses, hide and seek. (I know we got Parenthood so it's quite unlikely they will release another family oriented pack)
    -A Magic pack including potions and spells, and why not witches
    -A country world, like Apaloosa Plains
    -Plumbots (I don't really care about time travelling and all that jazz that came with Into the Future, but I loved the Plumbot feature and I really hope we get something similar in TS4)
    -More activities and hobbies, like ballet

  • MakoSimsMakoSims Posts: 284 Member
    Usually when I think about things I want in the Sims it's usually the basics we're missing or supernatural stuff that comes to mind, but I realized today that I really want servos.
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  • mercy55funmercy55fun Posts: 69 Member
    Go to school.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,324 Member
  • ladybreidladybreid Posts: 3,344 Member
    Farming gp/ep with a large world for farming with large lots and with livestock and canning and milking cows, shearing Llamas ect.. (It will never happen I know, been wanting it since TS2 and I'll keep wanting it)

    Witches pack in the same way they put together the vampire one.

    Fire Department, robbers

    The ability to slow dance.

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  • ZeriZeri Posts: 15,068 Member
    maybe some combination of the robot making thing from ts2 and the futuristic stuff from ts3 into the future. i loved those little pocket pet things. they were so cute! and great for some social if your sims was on an adventure in egypt or something. and the computer globes. they could use the computer anywhere. and i loved the plumbots. not the servos so much. almost all my families had plumbots lol. so much better than the butler. plus you could 'train' them to do what you wanted them to do. and in sims 2 the robot making station was so much fun. and profitable. it made a great business. so yeah something combining those two things would be fun i think
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  • MoonSimMoonSim Posts: 102 Member
    Farm animals, and a country world like @Wallsisms4ever mentioned
    Larger variety of aspirations and traits to choose from
    Something to enhance the gameplay of elder sims
    More interactions with bodies of water--swim in oceans, etc.
    And I would love for greater backstories and more thoughtfully created townies.
  • thepoppunkqueenthepoppunkqueen Posts: 3 New Member
    I really want the old daycare career back. My favorite thing was to set up a daycare with a Sim that had the "hates children" trait and see just how long they would last.
    Reading through the rest of these ideas has my gears turning, though -- a farming town with goats, pigs, sheep, cows, etc would be awesome.
    I think it would be cool if they added their own in-game modder as well. I think that would make the experience more personalized and fun for everyone.
    Following the teens/kids to school would be a wonderful addition as well. Honestly, the possibilities are endless with this game -- we can only hope that they continue to build upon it...
  • AriaMad2AriaMad2 Posts: 1,355 Member
    I'd love to see more baby and toddler interactions, but I'd also really love to see sleepovers for children with new interactions like jumping on the bed or pillow fights.

  • RosettasStonedRosettasStoned Posts: 3,757 Member
    The Death Nut Challenge. Sims could eat hot stuff and record it.
  • Angelini55Angelini55 Posts: 63 Member
    Height slider
    Active chef career (or ability to be a chef in your own restaurant)
    Teens that look like teens
    Hair accessories (tiara, veil, flower crown)
    Ocean swimming
  • MaggiedollMaggiedoll Posts: 241 Member
    edited January 2019
    Angelini55 wrote: »
    Teens that look like teens
    More progressive aging in general. There are the object-babies, the toddlers, the children that look like tweens, and then the adults, starting with teens and going through elder with only changes to skin and hair, really. I feel silly criticizing it because I'm not entirely sure how I want them to be.. but as it is, there's just a sense of frozen development.
  • nikkibuglovenikkibuglove Posts: 15 Member
    So much agreement!I'd love to see:
    -Prom and graduation! I love how it had the "voted most like to..." in previous games.
    - More activities/ things for Elders. Bingo, sewing, giving advice/telling stories.
    -Memory system that effected their future actions.
    Which just makes me think...wouldn't it be cool if their traits could change and develop in game based off of what happens to them?
    We change so much through out our lives, I wish my sims did too. For example they ate a spoiled dish and got sick and now hate that food lol. Or they had a house fire and now dislike cooking..idk something to make it feel like there are lasting consequences for thing that happen in the game.

    Many more wants lol but now I'm ranting. :unamused:
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,455 Member
    I agree with a lot on here. Don’t get me wrong I adore sims 4 but it for sure needs more added. I would personally like:
    -university is my top want this year
    -witches (the only occult’s I like)
    -more traits/aspirations
    -stronger personalities
    -new emotions
    -babies not an object for sure. I think I’d like them more if there was more to do.
    -more general hobbies for sims
    -a teen pack (maybe teen exclusive clothes and hairs that made them look more like teens)
    -and I’m actually interested in a farming pack as well with farm animals. Sounds really fun and something we’ve never had before. I’d be down for something new.
  • AmbyCakesAmbyCakes Posts: 32 Member
    * More video games
    * Famous Sims in your universe could be seen on tv (when watching a movie/show/commercial)
    * Cuter dresses (Japanese style)
    * Custom hair styling options
    * Following Sims to school/work
    * More furniture and decorations
    * More traits
    *option to move/kick out of house in game (like after having a fall out with a spouse or roommate)
    *Daycare for little ones would be super cute!
  • RamendemonRamendemon Posts: 91 Member
    I agree with a lot of what other people have already said. At the top of my own list I would have..
    -The architect career (Or something similar to the one in Sims 3)
    -University type expansion
    -A town that is something we haven't seen- or at least something that we haven't seen in awhile. (Irish inspired? Farmer expansion? Just something new!
    - More teen only clothing.
    I Had never thought about it until I read it above- but someone mentioned elder activities. I think some hobbies focused more on that age would be awesome!!! Stuff like knitting, crocheting, quilting, bingo, or even a casino (You know some of those elders want to go play the penny slots!)
    I don't think it will happen- but I think it would be cool to have an age between adult and elder. The early retirement years, middle aged or something (A Mid life crisis would be a fun sim story line!)
  • EnjoyfulSimmerEnjoyfulSimmer Posts: 1,242 Member
    mercy55fun wrote: »
    Go to school.


    I want active school for teens/kids. Would be fun to play out life is strange or something in the sims! :)

    Whatever is next, I just hope it adds a lot of gameplay value!

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  • RachelTimeRachelTime Posts: 23 Member
    I definitely second university and cars. University is always my fav! I would want cars to even just work like they did in Sims 2, and I liked being able to give teens driving lessons. I also would like to go to school for younger sims, but also I want a teaching career track.

    Also I remember in Sims 2, parents would leave for vacation sometimes and it gave teens the option to throw a party while the parents were away and that was fun!

    Also being able to choose what type of outfit for different parties like in Sims 3.
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  • Hemi_SimsHemi_Sims Posts: 56 Member
    I want everything y'all said and I really wish they brought back cars! Or at least I wish the Uber came when you traveled instead just fading out then magically teleport to another location.
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