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My Sims' Castle

NabrilNabril Posts: 174 Member
edited July 2018 in Builders
I've been wanting to show this off here for the past year, but I could never be happy with just screenshots. I never felt that they would really tell the whole story of their home. Finally I made a video. I'm not yet comfortable with doing voice over commentary so there is none- this is my first ever video. The choppiness stops pretty quickly (I'd just loaded the game).

It's a spacious 4 bedroom castle. I built it and my ex-fiancée decorated it. I was going for spacious rooms rather than many tight rooms. I wanted to see if the Sims would do better in an open environment. They appear to love it! The entry room is a two-story area that provides access to the rest of the castle. I hope other people find it as welcoming as my Sims do!



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