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Super Dating (A story of love and super heroes)

swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 2,994 Member

What do Superheroes and dating have in common?

One girl

You don’t need super powers to fall in love but it can’t hurt or can it? Join me for the adventures of a young sim who’s not looking for love but love’s certainly out to find her.

Chapter One: Prologue


  • swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 2,994 Member
    Erin decides it's time to reprioritize her life in this chapter of Super Dating <3

  • swcheppesswcheppes Posts: 2,994 Member
    No this is not a dream a new episode will be dropping this week. Sorry so much for the delay. Hope you stuck around to read about the crazy world that is Erin's <3<3<3
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