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Ship names between premade sims? Should they exist or am I the only one?

Of course in CAS sim-based savegames (which would tend to have little to no couples between two premade sims) the ship names would'nt matter as much since they'd be just background couples for a story. But, I don't play CAS sims. I'm fine with the Wainwright and Roomies households. I've also seen some premade sim pairing names for TS2, such as Franceau or Nerin. I sometimes think ships should include both first and surnames. Susoyd is also Susoyd Brontewright, Cycl41r is also Cycl41r Sw0rdwr1ght, Charlo is also Charlo Baybunch. I don't tend to play CAS sims since I fell in love with Susoyd, both as individual premades, as a premade family\team including both Wainwright and Roomies household, and as a ship.

Also some of you may think that names such as AquaGrandeShipping, IslaCancionShipping, FireBoltShipping, NewLeafShipping, PastaDanzaBobShipping, TiramisuShipping, BaconatorShipping, PlumBettyShipping, etc. may be more apt. I did'nt make them for specific couples of premades, but maybe some of you have an idea?

Susan resembles Kanto Vulpix and Boyd resembles Alola Vulpix so they could be VulpixShipping? Or FireAndIceGeeksShipping?


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