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Vampire living

I'm curious, what has people been doing with their vampires? I really enjoy playing with the vampires, but I haven't gotten around to it lately. It feels like I'm missing something as far as what cool and fun things I should try to do with my creations.


  • laazygnomelaazygnome Posts: 255 Member
    I'm playing with a teen vamp at the moment and the basics of the story is that he was adopted when he was 2 years old but no one knows he's a vampire so he's trying to keep it a secret from everyone. One of the things he wants to do is make the vampire cure potion so he can become human because he hates being a vampire. So basically he's trying to juggle his wannabe human life with his vampire life.
  • vessmevessme Posts: 479 Member
    That sounds like an interesting. Maybe a bit challenging too.
  • plopppo2plopppo2 Posts: 3,420 Member
    I'm curious, what has people been doing with their vampires?
    Trying to kill them as they appear on my doorstep every night.
  • vessmevessme Posts: 479 Member
    That's funny!
  • vicentricvicentric Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi! Hope ya don't mind if I join but I had a family of about 6 people with two moms (2 daughters and 2 sons) but I added the vampire (young adult) in as like... a roommate and the oldest daughter (who was a teen at the time) and the vampire started dating (they're married now). But one of the moms died and now one of the vampires is pregnant. The pregnant one is in the medical field and the other one is in the law enforcement field. But for some reason, the law enforcement vampire is going around uncontrollably drinking everyone's blood and I don't know why haha!!

    Brother's, sister's, the police chief at work. She's out of control, haha!
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,336 Member
    I decided to turn my 2nd Gen sim into a vamp! He is now a grand vampire, he goes around woohooing with ladies and impregnating them with the risky woohoo mod lol. He drinks the blood of pretty much every person he sees too.
  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,186 Member
    I just had one of my favorite Sims (Kelsi Lothario) become a vampire by Vlad. I have been playing Kelsi forever, & she's skilled in everything and has money. She is level 10 in the political career, runs a 5-star restaurant, has an art gallery & has 4 grown kids. My story line for her: Kelsi was tired of the norm, the day-to-day & wanted to be immortal. She befriended Vlad & had him turn her. & now that she's a grand master vamp, I had her create the Vampire Cure potion and she used it on Vlad to turn him human. He's still her 'master'. & now Kelsi wants full control & to be ruler of all vamps. So currently, Kelsi is trying to kill Vlad. & she's turning any vampires that are 'grand master' to human. She might turn them back into vampires but they will be her offspring! I usually don't play this dark....but I'm liking a story of power & alter egos. During the day, Kelsi is a successful Sim, a loving mother, etc. But by night, when Kelsi is in her dark form, she is on the vampire only she can be the grand master vamp! I just started a vampire club too, which of course Kelsi leads & they wreck havoc in San Myshuno.

    This is my first time playing with the vampire potions & making a vampire club. & it's the first time getting to grand master vamp without cheating.
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