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We want custom content!



  • MusicMeg222MusicMeg222 Posts: 163 Member
    Does anyone know when the 'apartment' update will become available? I received a Sims Free play update notification on my mobile device and I updated the game, but it looks like it's not quite available yet. There aren't any new quests and nothing looks any different. Please let me know!
  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    Apartments are available when you have completed the Sims and the City event. But you should already be able to see 3 places in Downtown where they can be built. You can also read more about it on
  • ErpeErpe Posts: 5,872 Member
    I just began to build my first penthouse apartment btw. So it will be finished in 3 days :)
  • iiomqilovesimsiiomqilovesims Posts: 281 Member
    To be honest, it can and cannot happen.

    First, it will cost the develepors ALOOOTT of money, as they are charging people for LP, SP, and blah blah, so again - a lot of money.

    But minecraft pe did it! You can now go on the internet and have a look for Minecraft Addons, which she imports directly to the app.

    So in some ways - possible and not possible.
  • AsunaSama10AsunaSama10 Posts: 30 New Member
    I NEED custom content, like right now
  • Marysimmer1971Marysimmer1971 Posts: 20 New Member
    [quote="SimGuruEmma;c-15792964"]Custom Content (similarly to mods for The Sims 4) are not really viable for mobile platform games, mainly because devices may not be able to handle it. CC may take up a lot of your device's resources to the point where it may negativity affect your playing experience (eg, crashes, lagging, random graphical issues, etc...)

    We aim to make The Sims FreePlay accessible for as many players as possible across as many devices as possible. Not everyone has the latest and greatest devices :)[/quote]
  • Marysimmer1971Marysimmer1971 Posts: 20 New Member
    I fully agree!
    Even because the sims 4 came to the mobile platform was going to destroy the graphics unless you bought a supermobile and that is not in reach of many bags and I am one of them!
    The sims freeplay is very good !!!
    Keep it up !!!!
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