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The Vampire Family Challenge ~ BETA

KamioKamio Posts: 2,199 Member
The Vampire Family Challenge
The Offical Challenge thread can be found HERE!

Grow your Vampire's Family over 5 generations, turning as many Sims as you can and founding as many new covens as possible. What legacy will your Vampire leave? Will those in your vampire's bloodline value tradition and honour, strength and dominance over others, or will they live amongst the human Sims in peace with both their neighbours and their powers.


To Start
  • Begin with your Vampire
  • And a young adult human sim/Feeder Sim/On Tap Food Source - who will serve as a marker for the passing of the first generation (See 'Marking the Generations' for alternative options/rules)
  • Move your Vampire and Human Sim into any lot (Money cheats are fine if you want an easier challenge)
  • Turn Auto Aging on for the Active Household (Normal Length) or see ' Marking the Generations' for alternative options.

Marking the Generations

You may mark the passing of a generation in one of two ways.


1.Young Adult Sim/Feeder
  • A generation passes each time a YA Sim/Feeder has aged from a Young Adult to an Elder
  • Upon reaching the Elder Life Stage, Feeders MUST be replaced by a new YA Sim/feeder.
  • New Feeders must be Young Adults
  • Your Original Vampire must obtain enough Aspiration Points every generation to supply the new feeders with a youth potion to ensure that they start the Young Adult lifestage from the start (20 days until Aging Up).
  • Feeders may be turned into a Vampire and added to the bloodline - as a consequence though, a new feeder in the same life stage (Young Adult or Adult) must replace them immediately and be given a Youth Potion to ensure that they start that life stage from the beginning
  • Feeders that reach the Elder life stage may be turned into a vampire without consequence (Eternal life can be their reward spending the best years of their life donating plasma :wink:)
  • Feeders may fulfil any role in your Active family
  • You can lock them in a room with the bare necessities and enjoy a handy snack as pleases, give them free reign of the house as an esteemed position of privilege that is to be respected, send them to work to contribute to the growing wealth of your Vampiric Family or turn them into a willing servant to wait on your vampires hand, foot and teeth :wink:

2. A Family in Game
  • Selected a family living in any world
  • Mark a generation each time a designated sim ages from YA to Elder
  • Or until a toddler added via Household Management ages up to YA
  • This option has not been playtested - so it is a little riskier
  • Alternatively you could simply have a single YA sim you leave in game and check on to see when they become an elder and add a new YA sim to the household once they reach elder hood.

The Rules
  • Because this is a Challenge focused on a Vampire's bloodline, human Sims are not allowed to live with the active household unless they are serving as a Marker of the Generations/Feeder Sim.
  • T he whole point is to grow your Vampire's bloodline by turning sims
  • Your Vampire must reach Vampiric Rank Minor/No. 3 and reach level 7 in the Vampire Lore Skill before turning their first sim and inviting them into the active household
  • New Vampire's must reach Vampiric Rank Minor + a half/No 2.5 before your original Vampire can turn another sim and invite them into the active household
  • Other Vampire's in the active household may turn sims, but the same rules as above apply NOTE: you get less points for doing this.
  • You may start a new coven/household of vampires as soon as a turned sim reaches Vampiric Rank Master/No. 4 (Move them out of the active household via Household Management)
  • Existing Covens/Households must have 5 vampire's in residence before a new Coven can be started.
  • Vampires that have reached rank 2.5/Minor may move out to an existing Coven/Household in there is a space available

NOTE: Creating and growing New Covens/Household is essential to the success of this challenge. New Covens/Households do not have to take up room in your world. You may move them into 'Not in World' if you'd prefer.

The Rules cont.
  • Vampire's are forbidden from 'Trying for a Baby' with Human sims
  • Vampire's that break this rule - proven by the birth of a child - must be cast out of the active household and the child removed from both parents and forced to join the active household to replace the vampire cast out.
  • Vampire's can have children with each other but (as a penalty - the child must become a teenager and reach Vampiric Rank Minor.5/ No. 2.5 before a new sim can be turned and invited into the active household)
  • Vampire's may contribute to the Household Funds in anyway (Good luck with 9-5 jobs :lol: I officially suggest your vampires take up writing, gardening or painting)
  • Aging must be turned off if you want to muck around with another household while playing this challenge and turned back on when you return to your challenge household
  • Your Original Vampire may step down from their role and another of your choosing take their place, or force Your Original Vampire to retire after reaching Vampiric Rank no. 4 and challenging your Original Vampire to a 'Mean Spar' that they win.

Regardless - Have a ton of fun with this challenge and let me know how it goes!!!

Points + Challenge Scoring:

+10 for every Vampire Turned by your Sire Vampire
+5 for every Vampire turned by a Vampire other than your Sire Vampire
-50 for every Vampire kicked out of the family (Relations with Humans resulting in pregnancy)
-50 for every Vampire that dies while in the active household (Burning in the Sun, Starvation Etc.)
-20 if your Feeder dies before they reach Elder hood
-10 for every Feeder turned into a Vampire
+100 for every Coven created
+200 for every Coven with 7 or More Vampiric Members
+100 for every Generation Completed
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