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Bring Me To Life, Please! Ongoing game play challenge. No Due Date. Share your Sim's lives here!

Created and tested by @Buttonsginger and @EuphorialQueen

Purpose: To add some randomness and challenge to game play. This is an ongoing challenge. Additional missions will be added, be sure to check back later.

Household: One Sim created in CAS. No skills. Remaining household will be "harvested" from the worlds.

If you are sharing your sim in the gallery please use the #BringMeToLife

To begin,

Start a new game. Randomize the sim that pops up with the randomize button at the bottom of the window.

Next tick on the Body button, then tick the randomize button to get the body type and skin tone of your new sim.

Then tick on your sim's face then randomize each facial aspect.

Next tick on the hair button and then tick on the randomize button. This will set your hair color and everyday hair style. You may change the hairstyle for the other outfits as you wish.

You may pick your sims wardrobe as you wish.

Randomize the first and last name of your sim.

Aspiration may be your choice, as you may switch during game play as needed, but remember that your sim will gain a trait with your original aspiration.

Randomize traits with this The Sims 4 Trait Randomiser created by Platinum Simmers.

Randomize child traits with either of these: Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator or All Traits @ Once

Thank you EuphorialQueen for providing the links to trait generators.

You may choose any world and house your sims can afford.
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