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Sims Freeplay - Stop/Slow down aging after the Seniors Quest?

Is there a way to stop/slow down all current and future Sims aging after the Seniors Quest?
I know about the orbs, but is there another way? reverse the changes that happen upon completion of the quest? there should be another way. A lifespan setting like on other Sim games.

My mother plays Sims Freeplay on her Kindle and she's gotten so far in the game and has a ton of money and had every lot with a family living there that fit the home. After completing the Seniors Quest, all of her families eventually died and she's been growing tired of the game and the constant death cycle, She can't play it several times a day because she is a working woman and simply does not have the time for it but she loves playing Sims. Her Sims die before she can reach the top of their hobby or career.

I'm a few quests away from the Seniors Quest and I'm probably going to delete the game once I hit it because I don't want to deal with it. It seems like a dead end on Sims Freeplay.


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