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What Internet Browser Do You Use?



  • Jessa_DakkarJessa_Dakkar Posts: 9,737 Member
    Firefox here, never had an issue in all the years I have used it. I know it, it is comfortable, I like it. Change can make me cranky.

    Just for giggles...

  • nightowlnightowl Posts: 25 Member
  • lemonpieelemonpiee Posts: 50 Member
    I use Chrome! Ever since I first downloaded it to try it I have declared it my favorite web browser. o:)

    BTW off topic but has anyone ever noticed that this emoticon ---> o:) looks like a smiley/surprised face with a unibrow when it's in text form? I didn't see the "angel" part until I looked at it the other way lol.
  • RainbowSimQueenRainbowSimQueen Posts: 1,227 Member
    Another Chrome user over here!
  • chorvageechorvagee Posts: 544 Member
    In this order Chrome, Maxthon, Firefox, IE.
  • CowPlantForHireCowPlantForHire Posts: 6,002 Member
    Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 6,779 Member
    Chrome and Safari ;)
  • AtomicSimmerAtomicSimmer Posts: 1,133 Member
    I was using IE but now have been on firefox for a long time.
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  • jnscoeyjnscoey Posts: 231 Member
    Chrome/ Firefox
  • COOLGAME8013COOLGAME8013 Posts: 3,090 Member
    Chrome for my ideal pc use, and Safari when i'm at school and the nearest computer right next to me is my phone.
  • KalabekKalabek Posts: 37 Member
    Tor is a great web browser
  • S_EmpressS_Empress Posts: 162 Member
    I use Google Chrome, but for a while I thought Internet Explorer was the only browser.
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