A mod to "set for sale" knitted objects pretty please

SlayeurTownSlayeurTown Posts: 211 Member
Hello everyone,

I've never posted in that section before but I was wondering if a mod could be made/already existed to allow us to set for sale our knitted plants, rugs and all in our shops... I understand that for clothes it may be trickier but what about objects? It is really too bad that we can't sell them in the game... Hopefully a mod could help? I've searched Tumblr and MDT but couldn't find anything. My sim and I are desperate haha!

Thanks for the help!


  • HarukotyanHarukotyan Posts: 513 Member
    Little Miss Sam released such mod for plant holders just recently - here. Description:
    Sell More Knitting Objects Via Retail
    Adds the Option for Retail to Plant Decorations you can knit, so these are sellable as well in Retail Shops
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