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WCIF Black nose presets?

naeshellenaeshelle Posts: 48 Member
edited April 10 in CAS Custom Content
I've noticed that a lot of nose presets that are released are for narrow noses. That's cute & all but I prefer broader, flatter noses. Does anyone have any leads on where I can find them? Or, does anyone know of any sliders that greatly extend the ability to shape noses? Here's an example of the type of nose I'm talking about (this is the best I could do with the sliders & presets I have, but I'm talking wide, low nasal bridge, rounded tip & flared nostrils).


Also, here are all the nose presets/sliders I already have, in case you have/need a recommendation:
divinecap nose presets: #1-6
fzs fm nose preset
Simbience nose presets: #21-24, 52-57
lamatisse amondi nose preset
simzbee nose preset #2
HFO Alar Sidewall Nostril sliders
obscurus nose sliders: n1 septum & nostril, n2 nose tip, n3 nose bridge, n4 nose bridge width, n6 septum width, n7 nostril size 2
teanmoon Expanded Nose Width Slider

(Obvious disclaimer: Black people can totally have narrow noses. But a lot of us don't. Thanks. :smile:)
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