Give more life to the new life please...infants

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The Sims franchise is about "Playing with Life". So please make that incredible moment when a new life is born, a special one to remember and look forward to.

I know there are many more I could have listed but for simplicity sake, here are only a few ideas:
  • Baby Shower event/party anyone?
  • Ultrasound pictures to display. Surprise! Your ultrasound shows more than one. etc.
  • Gender reveal parties for those that would have fun finding out in the game, instead of relying upon a mod to tell you. Make it fun for the player to find out...if they wanted to know. (Bake a baby cake -bun in the oven pun anyone?)
  • How much did your baby weigh at birth? What was their size/measurements? Special things to remember.
  • Diaper changing tables, infant play swings with lullaby music and other parent-interactive things.
  • Baby's 1st moments - 1st tooth/teething / 1st step / 1st word / etc.
  • Parents' ability to choose that special first bed for their baby should be a memorable moment. Having more style and color options is a must in my opinion. Please do not make the beloved baby itself a bassinet object.
  • Give more life to the new life please.

What thoughts and ideas do you have?

Please keep your comments kind and helpful/constructive.
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