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DIY Duke - Oasis Springs Challenge

E1ethE1eth Posts: 82 Member
The Sims 4 Oasis Springs Challenge
“DIY Duke” The Budget Renovator

PREMISE: From trailer trash to towering mansions, Duke is determined to work his way through Oasis Springs one renovation at a time! Can he give the town a much-needed facelift without going bankrupt?

1. You must begin with Duke in the Slipshod Mesquite lot in Oasis Springs (sorry Johnny Zest, time to move!). You can make Duke however you like in CAS, or just randomize his appearance and personality
2. After moving Duke into his starter home, set money to 100 simoleons
3. Duke can only work in the following careers: Athlete, Business, Freelancer (crafter), Engineer, Self-Employed, or Manual Laborer (part time)
4. Any money Duke earns must first go into renovating the structure and landscaping, and secondly into replacing the objects of the home
5. You cannot use Debug or Live Edit items. Move all objects on is OK
6. Every in-game Monday, if Duke has enough funds to move with sell all furniture selected, he must move onto his next renovation. Duke can only keep select sentimental items (of your choosing) when moving
7. Duke cannot begin a romantic relationship or adopt any pets until he has completed renovating every lot in Oasis Springs
8. Each house must be a unique style and feel. Using the same objects is OK if done sparingly and with different colors. (For anyone who struggles with running out of ideas like me, I recommend using the "build" tab on the Sims 4 randomizer)

To customize difficulty of challenge, you can adjust sim lifespan, choose a less lucrative career, play without custom content or packs/kits, or introduce a build challenge for each new lot.

NOTES: This is an older challenge I created for my Sims 4 stream on Twitch! I came up with this challenge because I rarely play in Oasis Springs and I wanted to incentivize myself to play through every lot in Oasis Springs, but also have a reason and storyline behind doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this challenge, so I thought I'd share it with everyone here on the forums. <3 I hope to return back to it someday. If you decide to try this challenge, please let me know what you think of it. I'd love to hear your feedback and how your experience went!

My base game version of Duke
The Sims 4 Randomizer
Happy renovating!
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