What lot traits would you like to see in game?

JALJAL Posts: 124 Member
I love lot traits, but I find them lacking - especially in base game. There is so much potential in lot traits that could really make the game richer. My favourites would be:
  • Playground (makes kids show up to play with the playground equipment)
  • Family hang out (families with kids and toddlers show up)
  • Pool (yes I know there is a venue type called pool, but sometimes you just want a pool in the park, right?)
  • Lot traits for different clothing types (partywear for nightclubs for example)
  • A lot trait for every venue type so that we could make multipurpose lots (bar would trigger a bartender, café a barista...)

What would you most like to see?


  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 4,301 Member
    I would like some traits based on sims age or sex, like adults only, females only, kids only etc. It would help with creation of shops, so if I want to create a shop destined to adult females clothes, there are no child or males sims showing up autonomously.
  • g01denswang01denswan Posts: 859 Member
    I would like to see multipurpose lots.
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