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Do these mods exist?

There are a few things I would like modded in my game but I am failing to find any with a google search.

1- I have heard of a mod that adds recipes like the crown roast and leg of lamb to the grand meal options for holidays. Is that still out there?

2- Are there any mods other than MCCC that allow you to make custom lengths for the life stages? From what I can tell it's the only part of MCCC I want so it seems like overkill if there's a simpler mod that will do that part.
If not, where could I get a list of every setting in MCCC that does not default to the game's usual settings when downloaded, so I can make sure I set them to what I want before I start playing?

3- Are there mods that allow me to remove relationships from my sims before the game culls other ones instead, or in relation to a mod that turns off automatic culling but allows me to cull them myself? I don't need the scientists from Strangerville or everyone who has ever voted for my politician to keep taking up space on the relationship panel while wanted relationships are culled by the game.


  • Goth583Goth583 Posts: 1,173 Member
    2 and 3 are basically going to be MCCC. MCCC is a rather large mod, but if you don't want to mess with something, then don't. I only change a few options to suit my gameplay and the rest I've never touched. Number 1 is probably going to be one of the recipes from Icemunmun and I'm sure it can be found on their Tumblr. You need another mod to make it work, but the variety of recipes is awesome!
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  • FurAndYarnFurAndYarn Posts: 277 Member
    Bienchen has the More Grand Meals mod. You'll need to scroll a little down the page to find it here... https://deichschafblog.de/bienchen/jahreszeiten-seasons/
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