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Like and dislike is so random and Maybe need some fix

I ask art lover sim about hobby and they said they hate painting! Excuse me!? I ask active sim and they said they hate fitness??? I ask foodie with cooking aspiration and they said they hate cooking. Lucky Judith Ward don't hate acting too. I know it differrent on each save and random but com'on
Wish more Recipe/harvestable/woodwork/craftableWish live in businessWish more interactive between sims and activityWish a lot of refresh and Better resize pleaseWish for another colour upgrade swatchWish for pool sliderFix the bug please


  • FanPhoriaFanPhoria Posts: 1,655 Member
    The issue I think is that it's not just randomness (although I do think some likes/dislikes are just randomly generated) but that a like or dislike can be generated just by a sim being in a negative or positive mood while doing the thing ONE TIME. As a result, a sim that is (say from your example) active and is thus more likely to autonomously do fitness things...that means they're also more likely to happen to do fitness things while uncomfortable or tense or angry. One bad push-up while tired or hungry or stressed, and BOOM! Active sim now hates doing fitness! So it's not just that it's random, but it's actually that sims are in fact more likely to end up disliking things their personality says the should like, just because they're more likely to do those things in the first place.

    Definitely agree that this could use some tweaking, lol.
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