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NPCC disallows visiting university housing - how do I fix it?

GameBoy2936GameBoy2936 Posts: 22 Member
Title says it all. Whenever I get one of my Sims to visit a university housing lot, NPCC disallows it for some reason and the game says, 'No one lives here' with a greyed-out 'Be Checked In' box. I checked how it worked without any mods, and it worked. I checked it without NPCC and I keep every other mod I have, and it worked too. I checked it with NPCC included, and it stopped working. Is there a solution in the NPCC settings to fix this problem, or did the 1.3.5 version add bugs to the university housing? I did not experience this issue in the past NPCC releases, honestly.

If any of you guys know how I need to fix this, or if I need to revert to an older version for now, I'd really appreciate it!


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