Incorrect Sim Quotes?

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Hello! Not sure if this goes here, but if Respond as your Sim goes here, I figure this does too.

So, if you don't know, incorrect quotes are quotes from one source- be it TV, another game, or even the internet- applied to characters from another, and I really like them! So I was wondering, what would your Sims say if given scripts from other media? It's nice if you have a source for the quote, but if you don't know what it is that's fine too! Here's a few examples so you can see what I mean:

Hadley, at a restaurant: Hey, can you grab us a table?
Stela: Sure!
Stela, a few minutes later, charging out at full speed with table in hands: START THE CAR!!!
(Source: couldn't find it)

Stela: Why are they called paintings? You're done. That there's a Painted.
(Source; Twitter)

Stela: Just tried watermelon on pizza. Honestly? It was pretty good.
Hadley: That's them, officer, that's the one right there. Take your shot before they get away.
(Source: Spiderman PS4)


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    Whilst watching their latest prank unfold...

    Norrell: (Grins at wife) Carameia!

    Leoni: (Passionate embrace) Mon Cher!*

    (Source: The Addams Family)

    * Not entirely sure if I've spelt the words right. I apologise if I haven't!

    Can I do another? This is fun.

    Kio: "SANTA! SANTAAAAAAAAA! I love that guy!"

    (Source: Elf)
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