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UPDATE 9/21/2021 Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

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Update 9/21/2021

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version 1.48

Hello Simmers!

We hope this Game Update finds you well!

As Summer has ended and the Pumpkin Spice season starts (you all know I’m ready for my pumpkin spiced coffee!), our Art Team has a treat for Simmers that love to build. If you are not an expert builder that is quite alright, I’m not either, but I do enjoy trying a few styles and choices so no worries in that regard.

Thanks again for your continued support, we truly appreciate it!



Russkii’s note of 9/21/2021 - 4 PM PT: Hello Simmers, it seems some additions to the game were missing in my notes so they didn’t make it into the original version of these patch notes. So for posterity and beyond, I will add them here. My apologies.

By now, all of you know of two kits we are bringing to you as part of the Season of Selves - Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals. As part of this update, we added a few Create A Sim assets to the Base Game for everyone to enjoy. These additions are inspired by the new looks featured in these two new kits, so tell us what you all think!

We have two full-body assets inspired by the Fashion Street of Mumbai for both Male and Female Frames. We also added a bottom piece for Male Frame Sims as well as a headpiece, a tattoo, and a bracelet!

From the streets of Seoul we wanted to share two full-body outfits that are effortless and comfortable. We also included two new hairstyles to complement your Sims inspired by some of the popular hairstyles you would see on TV or socials.

But visuals are clearer than my awkward writing, so I will add below a screenshot with a pretty good view of these assets. Enjoy!


What’s New?

149 assets - 1,200 vaaariants

149 assets - 1,200 variants to enjoy so dear

149 assets - 1,200 vaaariants

How do we tell you about these... easily?

In pictures, in writing, in cups of coffee.

In gameplay, in video, in pictures, in laughter.

In 149 items - 1,200 variants - how do you measure this new thing we did with this in hand?

How about you just show? Yes, how about you just show?

Don't measure at all, just show.

Our art team took over this Game Update and they have added about 1,200 new variants (yes, you read me correctly, about 1,200 variants) to 149 Base Game items in Build Mode. The Art Team’s vision was to complement and enhance these assets so Simmers have more choices and have more use out of them. Also, why not?

I will list the names of the assets, with images, that we have added variants to. Huge props to SimGuruBeth for providing these fabulous screenshots! In these screenshots you will notice some arrows and green dots, those represent the new additions.

Ok - enough of me rambling about, are you all ready? <takes deep breath>


  • Illusion Shades
  • Flaunting Flounces Panels
  • Minimalist Drapes
  • Sooner or Ladder Contemporary Dining Chair
  • Tabula Rasa Coffee Table
  • Tabula Rasa End Table
  • Tabula Rasa Console Table
  • Grand Hall Dining Table
  • Grand Designs Dining Table
  • Simplicity Dining Table
  • Square Meals Dining Table
  • Floored by Symmetry Standing Mirror
  • Carina Dining Hutch
  • Simple Symmetry Bookcase
  • Intellectual Illusion Wall-Mounted Bookshelves
  • Great Wall Mirror
  • Capped Wall Plank
  • Dodecagon Contemporary Clock
  • Honeycomb Bottle Holder
  • On Phantom Wing Framed Art
  • Apple of Your Eye Framed Watercolor
  • Pear Essentials Framed Watercolor


  • Terminus Reclaimed Pipe Towel Rack
  • RAW Bookshelf
  • Reclaimed Plank Shelf
  • Wainscott Gardens Dining Cabinet
  • Form & Function Industrial Coffee Table
  • The Barnish Bed
  • Boardwalk Trashcan
  • CONCEPT Coffee Mug Rack
  • Cluttered Mind Box Set
  • GrammyFone Old-Fashioned Music Player
  • In Session Novelty Chalkboard
  • Three Framed Skeleton Keys
  • Ordinary Things Shadowbox Display

  • Cooking-U Pro
  • Crisponix Ultragreat w/ Deluxe Crisper
  • The Omniwaver
  • Café Immodéré
  • London's Choice
  • The YumCooker
  • The Schmapple Oven
  • The Schmapple Coffee
  • Garbelle Wastebasket
  • Popped Color Curtains - Left
  • Popped Color Curtains - Right
  • Sunny Shades - Left
  • Sunny Shades - Right
  • Junior Wizard Starter Set
  • Mega Couple Of Books
  • The Purple Protector Action Figure
  • The Purple Pursuer Action Figure
  • The Chessmaster
  • Chess under the Stars Patio Table
  • Grand Plans Chess Table
  • Cabin Slats
  • Simplicity Shade
  • Limber Lumber Traditional Hardwoods
  • Rustic Subfloor Slats
  • Eco-Craft Hardwood Flooring
  • ForestFine Wood Flooring
  • Old World Wide Plank Flooring
  • Herringbone Hardwood Flooring


  • VAULT Modular Counter
  • VAULT Modular Island
  • VAULT Wall Cabinets
  • VAULT Pro-Level Bar


  • BlandCo Contemporary Counter
  • BlandCo Contemporary Counter Island
  • BlandCo Contemporary Cabinet


  • Country Fieldstone
  • Mega Stacked Stone
  • Windowbox of Superiority
  • Neighborly Windowbox
  • Garden Planter Box
  • Garden Pot
  • Bonsai Tree
  • Oopsa Daisies
  • Red, Red Shrub
  • Pink Aster Nots
  • Purple Perennial Flowers
  • Shaggi-luscious
  • Passion’s Kiss
  • Baby’s Bottom Rose Bush
  • Red, Red Rose Bush



And all 64 windows present in Base Game!

Whew, that was quite the list! And now to our bug fix of this Update.

Bug Fixes

The Sims 4
  • Sims living that career lifestyle but their outfits were… not up to par? Were your Sims’ career wardrobe a bit stale as you moved up that career ladder? Not exactly dressing for success, right? No worries, we have fixed that issue and now all career levels should have appropriate outfits. Go you, good luck!
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