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My Failed Attempts at Population Control

TammorsTammors Posts: 343 Member
My population is getting too high, and I need to keep increasing population limits. It was set around 80, but got to high so I increased it to 150. But it shot up to 150 within a few days, so I had to increase it again. WHY is it shooting up so fast?

I confess that much of that population is my own doing. I have an evil brother-sister that are repopulating the world with their own genetic material. Yes, they're evil. He's an incubus and she's a succubus, but they're more concerned with breeding than woohoo. Their goal is world domination! The sister has about 11 or 12 children, but her [email protected] brother already has 60 kids. So that's over 70 sims right there. Of course I had to increase population to 150 to accomodate all their kids. But why did the game fill that 150 so fast with npcs?

I tried removing excess npcs by deleting households, but that did not change the population count.

Then I downloaded my first mod, MC Command Center, in the hope of controlling population. I haven't figured out how to do it yet though. I did a couple of things that I thought might help, but that didn't. (Can anybody tell me how to use MCCC to control my npc population?)

On the other hand, did MCCC make things worse by making sims more fertile? (I see a lot of npc babies in the list of households now! It's like they had a baby boom! Plus one of my own characters even got pregnant without me knowing it. I noticed she was pregnant though, so I played her until the babies were born so I could name them!)

Then I downloaded my second mod, one that my little girl has been obsessed with for a few weeks -- which must not be named. Then I used that mod to roleplay my evil sim's children getting possessed and killing off some of the npc population to make room for their future siblings. I think I killed off about 20-30 npcs. But the population count stayed the same! I forgot that it it takes awhile for the ghosts of newly dead sims to leave.

Then I decided that maybe the game would cull some npc population if I just reduce population max again. I don't want to lose all the children my incubus has in households I don't control, though, so I decided to move some of those households into my households to protect them from culling. Doing that actually caused population increases! I read somewhere that the game generates npcs for certain roles. Does this mean that moving an npc with a certain role into my households will cause the game to create new npcs to replace them? I don't want that. There's too many sims in my world already! It's slowing down loading time. I don't want to reduce max population if there's a chance my incubus would lose some of his children!

So I figured maybe I'd just move the illegitimate children into the dad's household, without the mother and her housemates. But when I did that, that whole household became part of my households, even though I only wanted the kids. I suppose he could just "adopt" them through MCCC, but that messes up their lineage. (My daughter had one of her characters adopt his grandson's child, but then the child showed up as his child not the grandson's child in the family tree listings. So his toddler daughter suddenly became his aunt. That was weird.) Adoption messes up the family tree. If the father adopts them, they'd still be his offspring, but the mother would be removed from the family tree.

I really wish I understood sim population better. I'm learning now. I'm starting to think that maybe my male characters shouldn't procreate with npcs. (There is gonna be a shortage of non-npc females they're not related to though.)

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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 25,018 Member
    Hi, first off a word of caution. We're not allowed to discuss mods that will cause a greater than Teen Rating on these forums — IE the Toddler one. As far as MCCC is concerned, try this thread:
    Best of luck on your problem. I never mess with the population even though I use MCCC.
  • TammorsTammors Posts: 343 Member

    I'll try to censor that comments about the naughty toddlers.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 4,139 Member
    Hi Tammors, I learned on this forum that the sim limit refers to played sims.
  • Strangerville_HeroStrangerville_Hero Posts: 18 Member
    My maximum sim count hates me too! I hate this feature in the game! I have like 101 sims! I have to basically just ignore a lot of my families to just have a small sim count.
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 683 Member
    I play on unlimited, it takes my game awhile to load, but I can seriously fill up the Sim count just by creating the families I want.
    To control my populations, I will have to limit how many kids a Sims in future generations have, and things like that.
    Also, the Sim count is in regards of how many played Sims there are, and doesn't include the NPCs/townies, so getting rid of the NPCs/townies won't change the actual number of the Sims listed as played Sims.
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