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So we getting lores updates but a few other sims games have lore which havent been covered

we have the sims 2 console, sims 2 pets console, sims 2 castaway console and the sims urbz and sims 1 console and sims bustin out but do they have any.lore?


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    I don't know if I understand the question. Lore is built over multiple games, including spin-off games in some cases. But the fandom generally decides if something is "canon" or not. For example, most Sims lore historians completely disregard The Sims 4 backstory and character identities because they are on an alternative timeline (read: EAxis did not have the time to properly make the Sims properly according to lore)
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    When TS2 base game was released, it did actually contain "lore" from outside the select bits of the mainline series everyone seems to care about. It mentioned places from Hot Date (Hedman's Hideaway), characters from Bustin Out (mentions of Mimi and Dudley Landgraab) and even organisations from the SimCity series (the Below Average Bowlers League is mentioned in the Medical career). There was seemingly effort to connect it to the wider "universe" if you will.

    Then it went downhill. Outside a few mentions - Ginia Kat's daughter, a Mrs "CrumpleBottom" (seriously that's how it is spelt), and a new Malcolm Landgraab that is incompatible with the SimCity 3000 and the Console versions of the character - it was crickets. It's so stark it almost feels that a particular writer left the company between the base game and the expansions. That's OK, we got new characters with new stories that no-one in the fandom seemingly cares about or remembers.

    The Sims 3 seemed to have abandoned all sense of wider world building and seemingly went with cheap superficial fanservice. The Goths descended into some cheap, over the top caricature of what they were in previous games - ie making them literal reclusive goths more suited to hanging out in a mall parking lot than the centres of local society previous games established them as. We got yet another Malcolm Landgraab that is incompatible with all the other Malcolm Landgraabs, and turned the fandom's focus away from the literally the only Sims character that predates the Sims, to his newly retconned mother. Then, pretty much most other returning sims, especially the Store Worlds, boiled down to "X is here on honeymoon", and live completely separate lives from the people they are best known to interact with. What is the point of having Montys without the Capps or vice versa?

    The Sims 4 took the Sims 3 model of cheap superficial fanservice and turned it up to 11. The returning families are the ones that the fandom narrowly focuses on, and in the stages of the timeline that the fandom most prefers, even if it contradicts the other returning families the fandom focuses on. So we get Sims 3 meme boss Nancy Landgraab and her teenage son, with Sims 2 Calientes, with future Pleasant twins and sort of TS1/TS2 Goths - the stages in life the fandom liked to play these various families are.

    It's a shame as there is a wealth of lore in the spinoff games that is ignored by Maxis and the fandom, primarily because these spinoff games were narrative driven rather than sandbox. I have a closer personal connection to Vaughan Braun, Makino Nada, Max Toane, Maxine Powers, and the Landgraab twins (amongst other Bustin Out sims) than I do with literally any character introduced in The Sims 2, 3 or 4.

    Ironically, there was some wider lore appreciation in Get Famous, of all places, with the Urbz gig, and we got more Goth family development in one acting gig than we got in the Sims 3 or 4 (the first acknowledgement of Gunther being an immigrant since TS1 by giving him the pre-Anglicised name "von Gothik", and how Cornelia's marriage to him was a huge divisive issue in the Crumplebottom family that many members were highly disapproving of it (and presumably the fallout of which was so great it warranted being recreated for a prime time television drama).

    I'm going to be honest though, I have little faith in both Maxis and the fandom to respect the "lore", everyone only focuses narrowly on the big names, especially in this age of memable social media ("Katrina!"), self annoited lore historians who see their interpretation of vagueness and inconsistencies of any resemblance of lore as unshakeable fact and gospel (I'm not even going to exclude myself from that - I know this post is full of subjective reasoning as anyone else's and my own interpretation of Sims "lore" is as biased as anyone elses), and how as time goes by, more and more of the fan base are less likely to have played the older games (both mainline and spinoff). Even popular posts in the fandom or videos by SimTubers whenever they do a recreation or makeover seems to result in every sum looking the same, generic pretty sim, distinguishable only by colour pallate, regardless of personality or character I only see the future going further down this path of Flanderization.
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    I ignore all the "Lore" and play how I want. I've ignored it from the time "The Sims" originally came out and in doing so can completely relax and rebel at the same time! >:)o:)<3
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    they do but theres lots of mismatch between console and pc games so it takes lots of confusing mix and match to make it all work for the same story

    and even then it probably makes no sense if you really think about it

    i do sometimes include console lore where it interests me but not always

    and even with ts3 pc lore its a struggle to keep tabs so i often ignore it cause well it also is mostly meh

    oh and yeah sims medieval has lots of lore too if you care to read up
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    I like some of the lore because it’s like meeting up with an old friend, but I’m not obsessive about every detail connecting to every iteration of the game. I treat each version of the game as a new adventure with some returning characters. I wouldn’t want S4 to just repeat everything about S1-3. Having said that, I’ve actually played premades more in Sims 4 than I did before, but with emphasis on newer characters and the returning characters as supporting cast.
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