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RE: Update To Gallery Downloading W/MOO

"Before telling you about the bug fixes we made in this update, I wanted to mention that in the last patch notes there was a slight mistake when referring to the improvements for Gallery and downloading a lot made with the bb.moveobjects cheat. For players, it actually means that you don't need to manually activate the cheat prior to placing a lot from the Gallery for the objects to be exactly where the creator put them. Sorry for the confusion!"

This is great for MOO lovers, HOWEVER, this is not what players looking for MOO Free gallery builds really wanted. We didn't want to have MOO automatically activated, what we wanted was No MOO at all and an accurate identifier or warning that a gallery build actually has MOO enabled.

The reasons why some players object to MOO and Alt Place is either they don't do cheats at all or because MOO can cause bad lagging at best and bork your game beyond saving, like corrupted saves, at worst.

Personally, I don't want MOO in my games, it makes some really gorgeous builds but it isn't worth the lagging and corruption issues to me. I do not want it automatically enabled either.

Maybe I've read this whole issue incorrectly and if that's the case I'd be glad for more clarification on it.
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