How do you all handle the "Broken" mods issue? Why use mods at all?



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    Yup, I mostly stick to the same modders so I know where to look after a patch. I try to keep my folders organized and try to keep the number of mods down so I don't have a mess on my hands. I do mostly use mods from the same few creators so it's easier to keep up with. On patch day, I pull the folder and wait for confirmation as to whether it's broken or needs to be fixed. It can be a bit time consuming but as long as you keep your folders organized it's not too bad.
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    Minai wrote: »
    If aliens wouldn’t randomly abduct my sims or I could adjust age settings and knock the random flirting out
    I totally wouldn’t mod
    My former TS3 game was modless but seriously damaged my laptop :/

    I must have had around 20+ NRaas, Industries (Twallen) mods in my Sims3 game just to stabilize it. I played on a gaming rig, too. I'm so sorry your laptop was damaged in the process. It's a game tough on computers, that much is certain.
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    It might be trivial, but keep bookmarks of your favourite creators! In the past, I downloaded many things, but when they need an update, I had no clue where to find them.
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    Without mods I wouldn't play Sims. Not because I wouldn't like it, but because the Mods are the appeal for me.

    Video games in general for me get about 1-3 hours of play before being discarded, regardless of how good they are. There are only two things that ever hook me past that point: social activity or modding.

    I've played MMOs for years just for the ability to stand around and babble at people, and I've had Sims and Skyrim on my PC just for the ability to fail to get them running because I've put in one too many mods again.

    Tossing in a mod keeps it engaging. I actually do enjoy playing them also - but without Mods I wander off. Skyrim for example; I don't even like the gameplay and the story isn't interesting to me at all - but I still mess with it all the time because it allows me to mess with it.

    Sims I like the gameplay because all the little characters are my stories (I delete all the premades that are optional), AND I get the mess with the game.

    I don't mind when it breaks - that's part of the fun for me; getting it working again.
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