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new pc not recognizing dccache files

hi all! I just bought a new pc. I installed the game and went through the steps to get it to recognize my graphics card. The game launches fine. But when I add in my files from my old pc, the game won't recognize the DCcache store items.

I tried downloading a few of the items from the store again and letting the game install them. The game will load and recognize those. But it totally ignores my transferred Dccache files.

I really don't want to have to redownload and install all the store items again. I have MS and spina bifida. Sitting can be painful and I get very little game time as it is.

Any suggestions?



  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,947 Member
    In theory we should be able to move the DCCache ebc file bundles from one install to another, provided that the same account is being used to play the game as prior and it's the same installation type (e.g., Origin vs. Steam vs. 64-bit Mac, etc.) AND provided that the bundle numbers in the end run from 0 to the highest number used without skipping any in between. In reality, even if the user account doesn't change, sometimes this doesn't work and the content does need to be downloaded all over again.

    Note that transferred premium store content items will also require the transfer of the ccmerged file from DCBackup in order to work properly. But if none of your store content is being recognized at all, premium or regular, then this step doesn't matter anymore.

    Since most of us can only really install around 8-10 store items at a time without the Launcher having indigestion on us and messing everything up, there really aren't any great shortcuts here. Can someone else maybe assist with this task when you are away from the computer? Or failing that, perhaps you can set a goal to install one "store page" or some unit of measure, or maybe 10 or 20 store items per day/game session, and just play without the additional content until over the passage of time you get it all redownloaded and reinstalled properly?
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