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Nightblaze Legacy (Updated 8/7)


  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,653 Member
    Okay. All caught up again. 😀 A lot going on!
    So Zelda and Braeden had triplets and Alaric and Nerissa had twins. Zelda looked pretty at the wedding, but I was shocked she reconciled enough with Meredith to ask her to be a bridesmaid. What happened to Narissa? Is she still in jail? And now they think one of her kids will steal the book and become a demon? Yikes....
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    Caught up!
    The bernedoodle is too cute! /u\ Zelda's wedding dress and jewellery look so nice, and it's so good that they got married to each other! Interesting to get some more backstory on the Fourth Sage and the tome, and now the ancient demon. Let's see how gen 2 goes!
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,653 Member
    Caught up again. I can’t post comments on blogger that’s why I do it here.
    So the triplets vs the twins. And then there is Caelen. Looks like Liam is the peacekeeper between the girls. Poor Wardon though, he’s at his brothers mercy. But maybe he’ll turn out to be an ally later. I hope Rosalinda doesn’t find trouble. And Lucien is as evil as his father was.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    Caught up!
    Let's hope that the kiddos will listen to their parents' warning and not go down the vengeful path. I am with Eilonwy when she says kindness doesn't equal weakness. Also I want to cuddle the bernadoodle! Yeah Caelen is right, trying to 'fix' people is never good.
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 1,235 Member
    There’s a lot going on with this story!
    I thought Eilonwy was maybe a little harsh saying that Rosalinda ‘allowed’ herself to get catfished. It could happen to anybody. But I’ve noticed that the girls aren’t always the best of friends.
    Tomb raiding sounds fun! I’ve not explored Selvadorada much. I should send some of my Sims there.
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  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    Back again! < 3
    Christ, what happened with the online date is horrible...I will literally throw Phillip into a woodchipper myself for trying to hit on a minor! I'm glad she was able to protect herself with Deliriate, but Christ...He better not come back! Yikes, thank goodness Zelda had that healing spell handy with the Selvadoradan trap. The brunette girl at the end gives me a Meredith vibe with that attitude.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    Back again : D D D
    Yikes, an intruder at the party? Hopefully no-one will try to get to the Fourth Tome again anytime soon. Braeden's line about 'reckless choices', I imagine Braeden and Zelda really don't want their kids to end up in any of the situations they themselves ended up in when they were their age.
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