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Nightblaze Legacy (Updated 8/7)


  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    Finally have time to start the reboot:
    1. Ugh, Mark is such an abusive and awful 'father'. That's the scary thing, the cops probably would believe his word over Zelda's...Abusive people know how to manipulate everyone even beyond their usual targets.
    2. I feel so bad for Braeden, and how it still pains him to this day. Zelda and Braeden both have a lot of traumatic memories to deal with.
    3. Sad that Zelda feels the need not to talk back because of the way Mark treated her in the past. Oh gosh, here comes Meredith still as bitter as ever! Hmm, wonder how Morgyn got that scar...
    4. Woo, Zelda is officially a caster now! I love that Zelda was hoping for an actual magic class and not a session being talked to the whole time as well.
    I like the foreshadowing of 'darkness in the heart' for Zelda in this reboot as well, and how her 'inner darkness' slightly bleeds into her interactions with other people as well.
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,653 Member
    Chapter 10 -
    I’m glad she’s aware her actions were wrong and that she’s beginning to trust Braeden.
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,653 Member
    I’m caught up again.....
    So Zelda doesn’t mind speaking her mind even when it gets her in trouble! Lol. She’s avoided her father, Meredith and now even Alaric’s wrath. Of course he erased her memories and ran. Interesting he ran after he erased their memorizes though, I guess better safe than sorry. At least they saved the child. I wonder if he’ll show up again. And she and Braeden are cute together.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    I have returned and have finally caught up!
    5: Ooh, I like the rival bloodline reveal. Alaric Blackfyre looks pretty terrifying with those stern expressions. Geez, what a way to treat your own students. This guy is awful.

    6: On top of everything Meredith is also a tattletale suck-up and I'm not surprised. Those brownies look good!

    7: Ooh boy, the slippery slope of Untamed magic...Yikes, Zelda, comparing traumas like that? Braeden has as much of a right to feel like trash as she does...I feel kinda bad for Braeden now, being invalidated on the spot about something like that.

    8: Magic overcharge is such a horrible thing to experience in my mind. Woah, steady, Zelda! What if you poison her? Or is that the plan? Reboot Zelda is arguably even darker than Ver.1 Zelda .O. Even Braeden's face, he's like 'really?' The first time I've seen Zelda smile for a while and it's because of a desire for revenge. Oh god, it looks like she may have fuelled a long chain of revenges on the other...I can't imagine being a fish to be much fun. The joys of Morphiate huh?

    9: I like your portrayal of Morgyn a lot. 'when you give the bully what they want, they hit back harder' Braeden spitting out the facts! Listen up Zelda! It's good Zelda apologised to Braeden for what she said but IDK if it's genuine yet. The fact that there was a fourth sage and a ancient tome is cool. Alaric is downright awful, ugh. I hope he gets his comeuppance.

    10: So it seems Zelda's apology and desire to change might have some genuineness to it. The scene with them both beside the fire is sweet. I think giving Braeden a chance will do them both good.

    11: Braeden kicking Mark was honestly the great. Who hasn't wanted to boot an abuser square in the jaw? I'm glad Zelda tried to stand her ground with Mark, though.

    12: That shot of the building obscured by the trees is kinda eerie. That altar scene is disturbing X_X Let's see what happens with that girl.

    13: Geez, Alaric, attacking students? Not even just that, attacking teenagers? Somebody had better catch this guy doing this. I wonder if his behaviour has been reported, but then sort of ignored because they didn't believe it or something?

    14: The girls that complain about 'missing the chance' to date the 'hottest guy in the academy' don't see Braeden for who he is, though, they're all about what they see in his looks, unlike Zelda who has more of a personal connection with him as a whole person. "There's nothing wrong with needing help." - YES, this! That ending was heartwarming especially the pic of them cuddling up to one another < : )
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    *slides back onto the thread*
    Braeden's mum is so pretty. Bless Braeden < : D He's so head over heels for Zelda at this point and I think they've both made a bit of progress internally as well if that makes sense. I think they'll be good for one another.
    Yikes, Alaric just doesn't know when to quit does he? If he wipes the memories of anyone who catches him doing something awful, then I have no idea how (or if) he can be stopped (unless there's a way to counter such a spell). I love that Braeden is happy to stand up to just about anyone but I do worry that some day he'll get himself badly injured or worse...
    I'm wondering what's in that tome, and also wondering about the Fourth Sage. If there's a sage of Untamed, Mischief and Practical...wonder what Sage no.4 was a sage of?
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    New chapter time B ^ )
    You are so good at capturing the mood with your screenshots < 3
    Really love Zelda's dress and jewellery! Aaand Meredith is back! Zelda just throws her hands out like 'Come on then!' she actually looks slightly terrifying there, would honestly not want to get on Zelda's bad side. Meredith, you need to let go, Braeden loves Zelda and not you!
    I actually dread to think what lengths Meredith might go to, to try and get Braeden (also dread to think what lengths Zelda might go to, to stop her...)

    Another great chapter : 3
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    edited April 21
    EEE new chapter time : 3
    Somebody needs to send Mark back to 1872 where he belongs with opinions like that!
    Wow, I was really surprised that Zelda seemingly killed Mark off. In all honesty, I'm actually glad he's gone; he got what he deserved after what he did to Zelda and her mother. After what he did to them both there was no way he could have redeemed himself for me.

    I feel like Alaric probably uses his politics career as a front for all the dastardly stuff he does, and he seems like a control freak as well so it makes sense. There seems to be no stopping this guy, I can only hope they manage to prove what he's up to soon!

    Although part of me is wondering if Zelda's first kill might become something of a slippery slope... If her revenge desire is as strong here as it was in the original story, I wouldn't be surprised if the thought of killing Meredith crossed her mind at some point in the future.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    * hops onto the thread *
    As much as I think Mark deserved it, and I can understand why Zelda flat-toned says so- Braeden is right in that it's a slippery slope like I was thinking last chapter, and might lead to some disproportionate retribution later on. I love the description of the Sylvan Glade < 3 Let's hope that Braeden will be safe in Selvadorada, and that Alaric won't find Zelda in the Sylvan Glade...
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 849 Member
    Catching up:
    19: Being power-hungry as heck and mind-manipulation abilities? Yup no wonder Alaric is in politics X_X Also Braeden is right, 'half an empty' world wouldn't solve any of the problems in it. It will just be a vicious circle of meaningless heirarchies being put in place. Supernaturals re-populate the Earth and wipe out humans, then they will only find another way to be prejudiced against one another and keep wiping each other out.

    20: Oh gosh what a surprise, baby on the way ;o; Zelda'll have to sit out for a bit and let Braeden, Saoirse etc. defend the Magic Realm and fend off Alaric and co.

    21: Of course Alaric would brainwash his own child into carrying out his agendas, ugh XC I really like the staging of the spellcaster fights and the added effects. Yikes, I didn't expect Braeden to end up killing the other casters. What's interesting is that he himself told Zelda that revenge was a slippery slope, but it seems like he might be joining her on that slope as well. That said though, I feel like finishing Alaric off seems like the only solution to stopping him and his takeover.

    22: I think Alaric's Magneto-esque outlook on occult-human relations is quite interesting. I can actually see his point in that humans will do anything to 'other' people that are different to them, and why he would be mad with humans as a result - but his war on a whole group for what a few have done will solve nothing and will only make tensions worse.
    I like what Alaric says about the want to defend his children as well, since it's something that Braeden will now have to think about as well. What Alaric says about doing 'unforgivable' things for the good of his people also rings true for Braeden, considering what happened last chapter when he killed those occults.

    Great stuff as always!
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