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Nightblaze Legacy (Updated 8/7)


  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,648 Member
    Shew! I ‘m caught up again and a lot has happened!
    Zelda killed her father! 😱. And now she’s pregnant. Braeden killed or maimed Alaric and got back the book. Whew! But Alaric’s wife is still around and if she can’t heal him she’ll most definitely hunt down Braeden and Zelda.
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,648 Member
    So it sounds like ...
    Zelda let Braeden know she won’t be taken advantage of and expects to be an equal partner. Good for her. And poor Braeden just wants to protect her, not control her. It’s a fine line especially with someone like her.
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 839 Member
    Back again -u-
    23: Really like the way you described the whole fight. 'And instead of perceiving me as the bad guy, they'll consider you a murderer.' This bit stood out to me because if Braeden does kill Alaric, I know that everyone will forget everything Alaric ever did and would focus all their anger on Braeden instead. You know how it is with some people completely forgiving awful people when they die.
    I feel like for now Braeden will feel great, but I feel like no matter how badly you'd want someone dead, the guilt of it would hit you at some point later on. Well, maybe anyway. In all honesty it's good to be rid of Alaric, but now Braeden will be a target to the police I imagine.

    24: I was wondering if the magic fight would have overcharged him X_X I was thinking that Zelda would call back to his 'slippery slope' comment, she does have a point though. I was really surprised by the fact she compared it to her own father as well, it's understandable- no wonder she doesn't want someone who resorts to violence to solve things.
    It's interesting that the mother still holds 'outdated' views but I find a lot of older people still hold views like that, even ones that badly affect their own identity group. Was that Meredith making an appearance at the end? If so, I'm wondering if she'll try to cause trouble again... and how the other two will respond.

  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,648 Member
    I figured Nerissa would come and try to get revenge on Zelda. Zelda doesn’t make friends easily and seems to thinks when she kills people and casts mean spells it’s okay, yet has no tolerance for others that get in her way. She even pushes Braeden’s buttons. So is she in San Myshuno? She seems to think she can waltz back into Glimmerbrook. Not so sure she can.
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,648 Member
    She talks out of both sides of her mouth! That girl attacks everyone that threatens her, of course the vampire did want to snack on her, but .... she just attracts trouble. She has everyone against her, I fear the Nightblazes will soon cast her out because she brings too much trouble on herself.
  • AudreyFldAudreyFld Posts: 6,648 Member
    This was good
    So they are trying to address their issues and in particular Zelda’s tendency to lash out first and ask questions later
  • SnowBnuuySnowBnuuy Posts: 839 Member
    Catch up time!
    25: Interesting to see Zelda walk away from Meredith instead of fighting back. Folks like Meredith aren't worth the energy TBH, so fair play to Zelda for doing that.
    So we had the two fathers collide last time with Braeden and Alaric, and now we have the two mothers in Nerissa and Zelda...I feel like Alaric would have corrupted his children with his toxic opinions anyhow...I doubt Nerissa would be any better. Maybe the kid/s would be better off in the hands of an adoptive parent.
    26: The red-clothed vampire's design is A+++. I guess they're an another problem now that Alaric is gone though...
    27: Hopefully these children will be in good hands with foster parents. Interesting to have a therapy scene involved, since it's not something most authors would think to include.
    28: Ooh, timeskip! Good to see Zelda and Nerissa's children playing together, the kids are adorable.

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