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Maxis Favorite Nominations – HOUSEHOLDS

SimGuruKuxikuSimGuruKuxiku Posts: 11 SimGuru

When taking a look at the Gallery, we see a multitude of amazing and unique new households being added day by day. That being said, we would be delighted if you - our lovely Simmers - would help us discover the most outstanding Households that are out there.
Did you come across a Household on the Gallery that truly warmed your heart or one that has a hilarious back story to it? Then let us know by posting in this thread to nominate other players' Household creations for a Maxis Favourite which will be visible to all players on the Gallery!

Help us to find the best creations out there! :smiley:

  • For your post, please include the full name of the Household and the Origin ID of the original creator.
  • If you are able to add the link to the Web Gallery, please do so! That saves us some valuable time that we can then spend testing more items.
  • If you need to edit your original post, please indicate very clearly what changes you made. This will help us to keep better track of old vs. new nominations.
  • While we truly enjoy meeting new Households from our established Household creators, it is always great to take a look at some hidden gems as well. We love to make someone's day that little bit more special by giving a Maxis Fav to Simmers who have not received any yet.
  • This thread is for nominations only! If you want to contribute to the discussion, please head over to this thread for the specific Curation Guide-related discussion or join other curation-related discussions here.
  • Please keep in mind that being nominated in this thread is not a guarantee that we will curate. So, please do not be disappointed if your Household does not make the cut.

  • Before nominating a creation, please make sure to read our General and Household specific Curation Guidelines. You can find them here: ‘The Maxis Curation Guide’.
  • Nominations should be for creations made by other creators, please do not nominate yourself.

With these specifics in mind, now go ahead and recommend your favorite Households on the Gallery! We can't wait to see your suggestions!

Happy Simming! <3

- SimGuruKuxiku
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