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Lone Wolff Legacy -- Chapter 2 Coming Soon [update 12/15]

welcome to this very magical thread, no really hear me out!

this story was written almost ten years ago back when i was fresh out of high school and obsessed with ts3. i fully intended to continue writing this legacy/musicacy at the time... except not only was i so busy with university in RL, but my laptop got stolen with all my precious cc and save files stored within. to say that put a damper on playing sims afterward was an understatement.
here i am now: seven jobs, two college degrees, & one baby later. after years of putting it off, i've just now jumped into sims 4 (*insert the entire sims community making fun of me here*) and i'm reliving why i fell in love with the franchise in the first place. thankfully, i thought to post the first chapter of the lone wolff legacy online way back in 2012 and now i fully intend on continuing the storyline here!

so finally for your viewing pleasure, i've linked the first chapter and here you can find the rest of the story as it unfolds. see you around. ~


why, hello!
you've reached the wolff residence and some of you might be wondering why i chose to use this obscure bloodline as opposed to making my own squishy little founder. well, in short..
I was super inspired by the wolffs’ backstory. I love the fact that everyone who has played ts3 knows that they have some serious baggage!
in my opinion, it also makes it easier for you guys to relate to the story because you already know Morgana and Thornton somewhat personally.

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  • formatting chapter 1 for forum
  • creating morgana + thornton in ts4
  • taking pics for chapter 2


here's where it all began..
Morgana & Thornton

the stars fail to shine for you and i

hi i'm plum, i'm currently [building an animal crossing town].🌈✨
read lone wolff legacy here
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