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Question About Avoiding the Patch …

Thanks to the second part of the advice I was given, I have been able to continue playing my current game save without having to update. I am offline, but that also means I have no access to the Gallery. My bad. I now wish I had a different lot in place for my Sims. I'm certain that once I go online, however, that I will be 'pressured' to update the game, as before when I didn't know that I was to access my game via the Game Library portion of Origin. Made a huge difference this go-around.

Is my assumption correct? Or is there a way to go online, grab the lot from My Library and then go offline, again, and maintain access without having to update?

I have certain mods I need to play my game. Not all of them have cleared, yet. Can't very well have a singer Sim who can no longer hold concerts either 'away' (Rabbit hole) or live, nor be able to go on photoshoots to adorn the covers of magazines. Nor will he be able to make albums (CDs) and release them to collect royalties. He gets §10,000 per concert. §10,000 per photoshoot and he's got 13 albums released to date which reaps him a cool §9750. So, you see, I would have to simply cheat him this money, which I suppose I could, but that would make his career less than boring for me.

I suppose I could expend the time to rebuild the lots I desire, now, to use. But, again, that takes a lot of time, too. My Sims are about to have their Kegger and graduate. They need a place to live afterwards. :open_mouth:

Please help me. If there is a way to grab the lot from My Library and still avoid the patch, let me know, step-by-step, if you would. If not, then I'll either have to forego the lot or build it anew.

Please, and thank you, in advance!

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  • logionlogion Posts: 2,055 Member
    edited October 8
    Origin will not let you start the sims4 without updating if you are online, as far as I know. Maybe you can start the sims4 offline, and then go online while the game is running and connect to the gallery, but I am pretty sure that you will get a message that an update is required if you do that.

    Do you have a second computer? You can always download the sims4 on that, go online, download from the gallery, save it to your tray, go to your tray folder (easiest way to find which files you downloaded is to look at the date of the files, or just copy everything in the whole folder) and copy those files over to your tray folder on your other computer where you have your older version of the sims4 that you play offline.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,793 Member
    Thanks @logion that would certainly save the time of building and decorating! I do have my handy-dandy laptop where the game is already installed. :)
    You can download (free) all three volumes of my Night Whispers Star Trek Fanfiction here: You'll need to have a pdf reader. New websites:
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