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Help with Aging/Specifically Babies (NPC)

I am playing a rotational story with my sims. I have a big family and have specific plans and stories going on in each house.

I turned aging off to allow rotational play and story telling.

⭐️Question: How can I age up babies in the world (unplayed sims), so that my toddlers have friends?

I have mods/ways to age up everyone else, but I can’t figure out how to age up NPC babies, so that they become toddlers with my baby/toddlers.

I do use mods so if there is a mod or cheat let me know.

I’d really hate to have to find every single baby and manually age them up, but that’s all I can think of.

🙏 Someone please tell me there is a better way lol 🙏
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