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Simple mod to prevent multiple births? (Twins and triplets)

Hello fellow simmers! I was wondering, is there a mod out there, just a simple little mod, that will prevent multiple births from happening (at least to played households) in my Sims 4 game? I know that the MC Master Controller (or however it's spelled?) mod, has a feature to do that. But it's SO detailed and all, that at this time anyways, I dont really want to try to get it and figure it out. Yes I know, there's posts about tutorials to help you learn how to use it, and friendly simmers that will help too, but yeah, just...Not for me right now.

So! Does anyone know of a simple little mod that'll prevent multiple births for played households at least? If so, could you please direct me to where I can get it? And, remind me how to install it into my game files? I have some mods and CC, but it's been sooooooooo loooooong since I installed any of such, I've forgotten how!

Thank you very much in advance! And happy simming!


  • Serendipity38Serendipity38 Posts: 1,064 Member
    edited October 4
    Please? Pretty Please With Sugar On Top?

    I've had way too many very much unintentional twin births in my Sims 4 games. And I live in terror of having triplets at some point! *Twitches*

    Doesn't anyone know of a mod that can prevent multiple births, at least in the active household?

    Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *Best Huge Puppy Dog Eyes*
  • MaiaPlaysSimsMaiaPlaysSims Posts: 216 Member
    Sorry. The only thing I know with this feature is MC Command Center and you don't want that one.
    Twins and triplets honestly aren't that common if you to have traits or lot traits to boost the likelihood.
  • Serendipity38Serendipity38 Posts: 1,064 Member
    @MaiaPlaysSims Well, thank you for replying at any rate! I greatly appreciate it. And yeah, I've never used any of the reward traits or lot traits to raise the possibility of multiple births, but I seem to get twins fairly frequently regardless, LOL! Ah well.
  • WyrrenWyrren Posts: 686 Member
    Hey, @Serendipity38. I remembered seeing this thread when you posted and I just now found a mod that might work for you. I have not used it, but I do use others by the same creator.

    lower chance for twins:

    Hope it works for you :)
    Origin ID: Wyrren
  • Serendipity38Serendipity38 Posts: 1,064 Member
    @Wyrren , oh wow, thank you so much! I really appreciate this!

    I took a chance, and had my current sim family have another child after the twins. Eh, they both rolled up the want for one after the twins aged up to children, so I said ok, let's give it a shot...LOL

    And they had only ONE more daughter when it was time for the mom to give birth! I was ecstatic, LOL!

    But, I may well use this mod if I dont actually get that MCC mod thing that everyone raves about. Thank you so very much though, for spying this and thinking of me, it means a lot! *Smiles warmly*

    So yeah, thank you again. And Happy Simming!
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