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Possible EP 10 Leak?



  • AncientMuseAncientMuse Posts: 142 Member
    I think what bothers me the most are the potential victims and real world consequences of this stuff.

    And I'm not talking about the people who get excited and their hopes up about these leaks, that's something most of us can brush off as no big deal. What I'm talking about are actual potential victims, people who end up having to pay the price for others' online shenanigans.

    For all we know, that gaming website might have been bombarded with 100's of e-mails from people asking about the new Sims game pack, when will it be available, asking for more info about it, why aren't they able to find it on the gaming page now, etc etc.... and the poor people at the receiving end of those queries having to waste their time answering all these e-mails, which takes them away from their real work, which costs a company money. In the world of business, time is money. So who has to pay that costly bill just because some toddler on the internet has too much time on their hands? The toddler certainly doesn't, so that means the company is an innocent victim in this case and would have to absorb the excess administrative expenses into their monthly budget. For all we know, that company is on the verge of shutting down because they can't make ends meet. Maybe that added extra time and money puts them over the edge and they have to shut their doors putting real people out of a job. Who knows what the real world domino effect might end up to be with this "prank"? That's the problem.

    There are real world consequences that can happen in these types incidents. There are real world consequences that happen with every decision/action we take, thus we need to chose carefully. People need to stop and logically think through their actions before taking said actions to be sure that you're choices don't have a negative impact on some innocent party on the other receiving end... It's the grownup thing to do.

    "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." ~ Mark Twain
  • AedanStarfangAedanStarfang Posts: 266 Member
    edited September 13
    I'm just gonna pit it out there; people who confabulate and promote fake pack leaks for attention and to troll are lame and need a better hobby.
  • SimplyobsessedSimplyobsessed Posts: 296 Member
    I'd actually quite enjoy a pack like this, but probably more of a game pack than an expansion.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 7,343 Member
    I'm just gonna pit it out there; people who confabulate and promote fake pack leaks for attention and to troll are lame and need a better hobby.

    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 1,069 Member
    More event and gathering types like baby shower, hen party, prom, anniversary, etc plus a murder mystery dinner would be fun but murder mystery as a stand-alone pack, no thanks.
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 17,230 Member
    Sounds like a fun thing to me. I always wanted to play kind of like a Nancy Drew or a Scooby Doo theme pack on the Sims. I think that it would be fun to do one of those. Plus it would give us something more to do with all that Halloween inspired deco that we already have in Sims 4.
  • KatIzADinosaurKatIzADinosaur Posts: 7 New Member
    So, I feel like this kind of concept is more suited to that of a game pack or stuff pack... I feel like it's not a huge game changing idea and that if EA were to make something like this, they'd most likely not do an expansion pack. I'm not saying it's 100% fake but I definitely have my doubts, especially since EA has been somewhat generous with the packs lately. We also kind of have a similar idea to this with get to work and the police career, however obviously that's like the spark's notes version of this, and if this is real, then they'd dive much further into this concept. Still though, Admittedly, I would thoroughly enjoy a pack like this.
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