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MCCC - Delete objects without making money?

I have the MC Command Centre mod and was hoping it would have an option like in NRAAS where you could delete objects by shift-clicking them, and get rid of them without making any money from them. I can't find this anywhere, does it exist?

Also, is there a quick and easy user guide to MCCC? I've googled but everything I've found is a bit too in depth for me. I was very familiar with NRAAS and basically want something that will translate MCCC for me in NRAAS terms!


  • gettpsgettps Posts: 276 Member
    edited September 3
    MCCC and Nraas are two completely different mods. Not at all the same. You can't compare one to the other because the features are completely different.

    If you want the destroy object cheat back, MCCC won't do it. Head over to Bienchen's website. Look in the Misc Mods section.

    The only guide to MCCC is on their website.
  • caitlinx00caitlinx00 Posts: 170 Member
    Thanks. I know they are different mods, but everything I've read strongly implies that they have very similar functionality. On that basis I figured it was a possibility that there was a delete object cheat built in somewhere.

    I ended up just deleting and using the 'money' cheat to remove the income, so no mod needed in the end.
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