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The lack of nice textured (curlier, afro) hairstyles is Getting me down. Also the skintones!



  • troshalomtroshalom Posts: 694 Member
    Like seriously. I mostly want to make more dark skinned sims to represent myself and i just become very frustrated at the lack of inclusion. The darker skintones go from light skin with a yellow undertone to very dark skin with an ashy undertone real fast. No middle ground and the textures of the skin is rough. Thats why skin replacements is the only cc i *must* have!

    I own all of the DLC for sims 4 and i genuinely like about 10-12 of the hairstyles, the rest are very uninspired and drab. I like to create a variety of sims from dark to light. But now i feel discouraged from creating more darker featured sims and will stick to making lighter, straight hair featured sims until we get better representation.

    @Sim_Architects Ebonix has some really nice hair CC. Check her out. She includes kids and toddlers too


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    Yeah, the hairs for black sims are really disappointing. They don't seem to have much variety in styles either, they all seem to be heavy braids or really big on top. My favorite out of the ones in game is the one that comes with backyard stuff as it's much more subtle and casual

    I'll link a few CC ones I've found and like to use incase it helps in the spoiler below :) This creator has a ton of nice hairs and they're much more casual everyday styles than the EA ones, I'd love it if EA took more this direction because the existing ones in game aren't very good :/
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    It's really frustrating to still be having this discussion about where to find decent Black hairstyles and skintones six years into the franchise.
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    Nouk made some of my favorite textured hairs in the Sims 2:

    I really love Nightcrawler's hairs too:
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