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Frieze placement

trophytrophy Posts: 75 Member
I am away from my pc and playing sims 4 on PS4. Is there a way to place one frieze or trim at a time? I have googled and searched this forum with no answers. I also do not have a keyboard with me. If anyone can help really appreciate it.

ETA: My dad had a wireless k & m set I could use. Guessing by the lack of response it probably is not possibly to place one frieze at a time.

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  • iamoz96iamoz96 Posts: 124 Member
    edited July 30
    Depends how the house is built. Freezes normally apply to how the structure is connected. If what you’re saying is exactly what I am imagining of your issue.
  • trophytrophy Posts: 75 Member
    I understand how friezes and trim work. On pc I know you can press the shift key to turn off auto placement, controller does not seem to have an alternative like pressing two buttons together. The control layout provided in-game is pretty basic, figured someone here might know like how you can move the eaves on roofs.The keyboard worked out and building was easier but it is a shame that console does not have a way to do this feature.
  • iamoz96iamoz96 Posts: 124 Member
    I didn’t know that hm... interesting. Considering I’ve never played with the keyboard and mouse. Learn something new! Glad everything worked out for you. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp an issue in primarily text.
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