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Celebrities disrupting business

I have searched but I haven't seen any post about this issues so wondering if its just me. Dining Out is one of my faves but whenever celebrities comes into my restaurant or store business almost comes to a screeching halt. Global superstars are the worst. This is bc the other diners leave their tables, customers stop shopping and start fawning over the celebrity who is posing at the attention. I end up having to use MCC to send the celebrity away in order to get back to business. Either that or I end up losing money paying for employees who are doing nothing. Is anyone else having this issue with celebrities being a pita.
Origin ID: Xieria


  • To7mTo7m Posts: 5,287 Member
    Yes it happens a lot, I don’t know if they’ll fix it.

  • DrWrightDrWright Posts: 28 Member
    I don't think Get to work/Dine Out is compatible with Get Famous because it's impossible to run a successful business with it and the other two packs, I have this same problem.
  • Bluebeard45Bluebeard45 Posts: 3,586 Member
    Give it time they soon die off and your left with a few NPC Hollywood freaks.
  • VioletRedVioletRed Posts: 257 Member
    Then someone else takes their place and the starts again.
    Origin ID: Xieria
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