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What do you do with grandparents?

AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 151 Member
How to do involve them in your game etc? I've never actually done anything with them on sims 2 only on sims 3.


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,253 Member
    They do the normal Sim stuff; walk around in their skivvies, play in the hot tub, and babysit. It was their house, in my mind. They still have hopes and dreams. :)
  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 73 Member
    They do everything in my game. Depending on whether they have younger relatives and their budget they may either help them with home and children or live on their own. In the second case they travel the world, adopt lots of pets, tend to a garden, find hobbies like sewing and run business selling what they do - my younger sims are usually to busy with work/children/life goals, so they have time for fun stuff only when they are elders :D Or, when they have life goal still undone they may start to finally pursue it (when if not now?). I often let their wishes decide what they are going to do.
    I sort of just left them on their own for the longest of time, but in the last few years I really started to love playing with them :)
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
    edited July 2020
    I have my elders move into a retirement home (an apartment building that I made for my custom neighborhood) and then leave them on full autonomy, let them do whatever they want, and observe them until they die.
  • simlandersimlander Posts: 191 Member
    I like to have them teach the grandchildren as many of the toddler skills as possible so that the grandkids will have them in their memories :)
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,436 Member
    Mine just keep going with their life goals. If they've achieved all goals i set for them they will spend time with their grandchildren.
  • thisfatfunnylifethisfatfunnylife Posts: 7 New Member
    Elder Sims are some of my favorite to play and can even more of a unique back story to them than adults because they've already lived such a long life to get to elder hood. Like... what made them survive? Have a nature nut who says he only ate pinecones, is best friends/roommates with big foot who fishes all day. Have an elderly couple who've been married for 50 years run a mom and pop candy or toy store. Have an old man and his dog run a junk yard who like to scare/be mean to kids, or just an old man who sits on his lawn all day yelling at people who walk by. I mean the possibilities are only as endless as your imagination.
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,608 Member
    I don't like to play with a lot of Sims at once, so I usually kill them off a few days into elderhood. I use the Simlogical heirloom cake, so at least they can die of platium old age.
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  • BettyNewbie1BettyNewbie1 Posts: 123 Member
    I cannot seem to age sims forcefully on this game console, and they do not go natural, very low attention span for generations. I will play one sim at a time, so until sims death.
  • Sunflowergal227Sunflowergal227 Posts: 152 Member
    edited March 18
    Elder sims are fun because essentially they lived through their whole life. They still have dreams as well, that's why i usually let them have their dreams. For instance: Olive Spector died after she came home from work- she wanted to be in the paranormal career! so i let her! She also had a good relationship with her son nervous.
    With grandparents, i make sure they have a good relationship with their daughters/sons and i will invite them over to see their grandchildren on their birthday party.
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  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,443 Member
    I usually play with aging off once Sims hit adult, so some of my Sims end up grand parents as adults. But usually I see two outcomes for my Sim grandparents, they either become one of my main Sims of that household, or I tend to focus on one of their children primarily.

    Gotta make sure my Sims visit them often however if they live in apartments, and some elderly Sims can still look adorable so I cherish the elders in my game!
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